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How to Become Our Dating Affiliate Partner

  • Do you want to earn lucrative commissions and make lots of money online?
  • Are you an expert on dating?
  • Are you a webmaster, publisher, blogger, website owner, or owner of a social media source?
  • Do you have steady traffic to your website, blog, or social media platforms that you are willing to share?

If your answers are YES, we are gladly welcoming you on our dating affiliate network where you are presented with fantastic money-earning opportunities.

We are Affiliate2Day, the most advantageous dating site affiliate program that offers you individual solutions, a personal approach and lots of bonuses and special offers for a comfortable and enjoyable collaboration.

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How We Work

We Help You Succeed

Since our beginning in 2008, we have been developing and thriving on the dating affiliate network market better than the others due to our ability to always remain relevant with modern dating tools, unique services, and attractive opportunities for making money. We can help you do the same if you invest your time and expertise on dating in giving our content exposure on your online platform.
You will receive lots of promotional material, banners, landing pages, and dedicated affiliate support to help you become successful and earn lots of money from commissions.

We Help You Choose Tailor-Made Affiliate Program

You can choose a dating site affiliate program that speaks to your interests and expertise. We have four different online dating affiliate programs that are popular with men internationally. We take pride in connecting men with women they really want and helping them develop meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

We Give You Value and Excellent Support

We understand that the way to successful collaboration is only when we work on it together.
We help our affiliate partners by providing them with all the marketing tools necessary for the successful launch and maintenance of the affiliate program of their choice. We also help them understand the data and refine their promotion. Our dedicated affiliate support team is always available to help our partners to achieve their goals.

We Give Regular Payouts

Payments are made once a month for the previous month with the minimum balance required for a payout being $40. Also, payments are regularly carried out if affiliates fulfil the terms of the affiliate program.

Register for Free

Become our affiliate marketer and pay nothing for registration. In fact, you are getting a bonus of $25 if you register for Pay Per Sale program.

Why is Dating, Our Affiliate Marketing Niche, Worth Your Time?
Because of the following online dating statistics

Nearly 41% of singles
have used online dating
Annual revenue for online
dating globally is $1.9 billion
The online dating market is
projected to reach $9.202 million
by 2025
For millennials, online
dating is in the top 3 ways of
finding a date

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Affiliate Testimonials

Mohammad Y.

I wasn’t expecting anything amazing from dating affiliate sites, to be honest. I’ve always been a little suspicious of these affiliate programs because they sound too good to be true. Now that I’ve been using Affiliate2day for almost 9 months, I’m a big fan of it. Plus, it generates income passively, which is hard to pass up!

Jones J.

I have always loved writing and have always posted stuff online. I created my own blog, which I developed into a website – and it was all purely for fun. It took some time for me to feel confident enough that this work could earn me money. Fortunately, I found affiliate2day early on, which was the best luck I could have had. I have heard now that some other schemes are a lot of hot air. However, affiliate2day was far from it – what they promised was delivered and a little more.

Jessica M.

I want to thank Affiliate2day for assisting me in starting my own way to earn money. Now I can see the benefits and I think it really works. If you are looking to earn money online, to network with fellow entrepreneurs, Affiliate2day will be your new home.

Amanda, Huddersfield, UK

I have a full-time job but wanted to find a way to make some additional money from my blog about romance and relationships. I’ve had my blog for many years but it’s a little bit niche – it’s romantic, has advice on relationships, and even some love stories. Finding an affiliate program that can really fit the content I’m producing was always hard, but really fits in well and has allowed me to generate that little bit of revenue that has made all the difference to me! My blog is now paying for itself thanks to the affiliate income it generates!

Jack L.

The only regret that I have is not signing up with Affiliate2day sooner. With their high paying affiliate programs, I’ve managed to monetize my traffic and make some serious passive income. Before signing up with their affiliate network, I was really struggling to increase my earnings, but their options were such a fantastic and effective opportunity. Thanks so much!

Jo H.

There are lots of options on Affiliate2day. You can choose the pay per sale option – but there are loads of others to choose too. This means you can use your experience on how your site works to get the best income from your work – sometimes it is the click that pays most – sometimes the end product of the sale of a first product. I read loads of reviews about Affiliate2day and thought it was too good to be true – you hear about these schemes that promise the earth and you get nothing. This is not the case with Affiliate2day – it is well worth taking the time to soak up why other people love working with this program.

Martha, San Diego

Well, I must have given a shot to just about every commercial affiliate partnership out there. From Amazon to Rakuten, I’ve tried them all. Affiliate2Day was a different proposition entirely, but it was simple to sign-up and their support was swift – it actually felt like you were important to them, not just another number talking to a website like with many of the bigger programs out there. The link building is easy and the guys there are quick to answer any queries – I’d recommend giving it a shot. It could really be worth your while.

Marilyn, Fresno CA

When I signed up to Affiliate2Day, I was worried it was going to be a bit of a chore. I’m not very good with the technical side of computing, so the prospect of having to create or generate a tonne of links did not fill me with excitement. Thankfully, the reality has been so different. Being part of this scheme is actually very rewarding. The support that is offered in getting set-up is second to none. The documents provided give you all of the info you need and the questions I still had were all answered within 24 hours by the support team. In fact, most were within the hour!

Edgar R.

I’ve only been using the Affiliate2day program for a short period of time. However, in that time I’ve seen an impressive boost in terms of the money I’m making. I didn’t expect this so it was a huge and very welcome surprise.

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