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If you are in need of a digital platform which has pioneering success that pride themselves in being one of the top affiliate programs then you should be looking for Affiliate2day. High paying affiliate programs don’t come around everyday but here we assist people with finding friends, dating and even looking for your soul mate. We offer a unique online affiliate program which is designed to improve and boost the traffic on our dating sites and because we offer the best of Pay Per Lead affiliate programs it will give you an additional income without shelling out the earth for the traffic. Top affiliate programs like Affiliate2day are part of a popular scheme which is money spinning and will enable internet users and business the chance to earn a significant pay-out on a monthly basis.

High paying affiliate programs like Affiliate2day are in your reach

Affiliate2day is one of the top affiliate programsAffiliate2day was founded back in 2008 and since then we have grown to become recognized on an international level as being one of the top respected high paying affiliate programs out there. You can expect your payments made quickly and reliably on a regular basis through our easy to use Pay Per Lead, Pay Per Sale and Pay Per First Order affiliate programs out there. As a company we are designed to increase your dating traffic through offers and programs exclusively designed to improve your views, clicks and traffic. Those of you who are involved with our high paying affiliate programs can earn a huge compensation on a regular monthly basis.

Pay Per Lead affiliate programs like Affiliate2day offer two tier earnings

Affiliate2day as one of the top affiliate programs offers not just IP and cookie tracking but also two tier earnings through our mass of dating offers. Do you know that you can not only increase traffic but also increase payments for generating said traffic? This is exactly what Affiliate2day offers you through modern flash banners and specially created images which will attract attention of potential dating clients pushing traffic forwards our sites which will drive the income for our affiliates who provide the organic traffic.

Organic traffic can come through a whole range of internet marketing methods which includes advertising networks, email campaigns, hosted co-registration, exit pop-ups, relevant blog associations, pay-per-click campaigns.

Why choose anyone but the best high paying affiliate programs?

Due to our age, we have gained an expanse of knowledge and experience designing and creating dating offers and traffic. Throughout our packages we offer Pay Per Lead, Pay Per Sale and Pay Per First Order affiliate programs which make us some of the top affiliate programs available. Couple that with our consumer offers and incentives and it’s likely to be the perfect fit for your business. Affiliate2day provides communication with all affiliates on a regular basis and we are always here should you ever need us, this includes questions, issues or just a second opinion. Communications are provided and conducted through an affiliate marketing team who are committed to provide you with the best service.

You deserve the best service from top affiliate programs

At Affiliate2day alongside our professional support team who are here for you night and day. Our Pay Per Lead, Pay Per Sale and Pay Per First Order affiliate programs are free to join so you don’t need to invest money, just start making it. Registration is quick, easy and requires no previous technical knowledge of Pay Per Lead or other affiliate programs. You can rest assured that you will receive payment for all successful traffic that you generate.

When you sign up you will be assigned an account number which is stored alongside your personal and payment details to ensure that you receive payments quickly and reliably. As high paying affiliate programs, we will help you maximize your traffic to increase your payment.

How to maximize your affiliate payments

Affiliate2day works within Pay Per Lead affiliate program alongside other payment methods such as Pay Par Sale, and this can involve the purchase of credits by a client. Pay Par Sale is a first program you will be awarded 25% of each sale made. This means you can earn a quarter of everything that a client spends, something that only top affiliate programs pride themselves in providing. These high commissions can be lucrative for you as a business and it means once twenty credits have been purchased - the minimum required credits - you will earn 25% of the money that they spend.

Affiliate2day is one of the best pay per lead affiliate programs

Another way high paying affiliate programs like Affiliate2day work are to offer affiliates of our clients payment per leads created as the core of the Pay Per Lead affiliate programs. This is the most popular offer that we provide and can be the quickest and simplest way to make money from us as it is simply about generating targeted traffic to the dating websites hosted and run by us. The traffic generated can earn you between $6 and $8 per person who registers with us. So if you send traffic to our site which results in 50 registrations in one week you are looking at a minimum of $300, sounds simple doesn’t it? The amount that you receive per registration is merely dependent on the geographical location of the client who has signed up, so this could vary from time to time.

To earn even more money the final affiliate dating offer that we provide is on a Pay Per First Order program where payments can be anything from $150 to $250 per first order. The amount received depends on the amount of clients that made their first within a month. Commissions can be extremely high with little added work.

There is no cap on payments so you can earn hundreds, if not thousands making us one of the best high paying affiliate programs available. When you chose to get a pay-out, as long as you reach at least $50 you can withdraw the money you have made, once a month.