Frequently Asked Questions


What is Affiliate2Day?

Affiliate2Day is an online affiliate marketing program of Be Happy Intl. group of sites, which is a leading expert in international marriage and matchmaking. Be Happy Intl. features BeHappy2Day, AsianSingles2Day, AllTverLadies and OneWife dating projects. For over a decade, Be Happy Intl. group has been redefining the meaning of exceptional customer service by providing its valuable clients services of the highest quality and always going the extra mile for its customers.

Today, you have a remarkable chance to partner with a trusted international dating brand to monetize your dating traffic by generating leads and sales on our sites, and to help match thousands of single hearts worldwide.

What is online affiliate marketing?

Online affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and quickest ways of monetizing your traffic and generating online income today.  It does not require you to create any products or fulfill any services yourself, instead of giving you the potential to generate revenue in return for referrals to our websites.

The process is simple; you create a link to the affiliate dating program of your choice on, and using the marketing tools available, help us to promote our sites’ services. We will pay commissions for leads and sales that you refer to us.

How can I profit from Affiliate2Day‘s affiliate programs?

With Affiliate2Day, you can earn money by generating high-quality, targeted traffic to our online dating and match-making websites. A lot of single and relationship-minded men worldwide choose Be Happy Intl. group’s dating sites to be their gateway to finding their match.

You can cash-in and make a profit by finding men who might be interested in Be Happy Intl. group’s services, and pushing them towards our sites. Affiliate2Day offers a whole host of promotional tools and the highest rates within the industry. Furthermore, we will provide you with any assistance you need, so it will be very easy for you to earn online with us!

Who can apply to become your partner?

If you are an owner/operator of a website or an SMM (Social Media Marketing) specialist, then you can apply to become an affiliate with us. The type of website you run doesn’t matter (within reason), if you can drive us quality male traffic that does not break the Terms of Use Agreement. We also accept male traffic generated from popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

Do you charge for becoming your partner?

No, we do not charge for joining us on Affiliate2Day, it is absolutely free. Once you are working as an affiliate with us you will receive your Affiliate Manager’s support, marketing tools, promotional materials and information for free as well.

Do I need to have any experience in online affiliate marketing to join you?

No, you do not need previous affiliate marketing experience. Our dating affiliate program requires no specific knowledge or previous experience to join and start.

What sites should I promote?

Be Happy Intl. has a collection of four well-tailored and user-friendly online dating projects -  BeHappy2Day, AsianSingles2Day, AllTverLadies and OneWife. Each of them is designed to connect single men from the Western world with beautiful eligible women from Russia, Ukraine, Latin America and Asia. The sites are free for users to register on and feature over 6,000 verified stunning single ladies, each with their own unique profile. Our sites also boast 1,900,000 active male users, with new members joining every day.

Which countries can I market to?

As Be Happy Intl. group’s sites have a global coverage, we set no strict restrictions on countries you send us traffic from if you are a Pay Per Sale or Pay Per First Order affiliate. If you are a Pay Per Lead affiliate you will get the commissions approved only for the leads from the countries below:

$8 per lead from the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand;

$7 per lead from Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Ireland, Republic of South Africa and Japan;

$6 per lead from Finland, the Netherlands, Monaco, Denmark and Luxembourg.

Pay Per Sale or Pay Per First Order affiliate are highly recommended note that the general conversion rate of the counties mentioned above is higher, and so we would recommend you focus your marketing on attracting leads from these key countries. 

How much can I earn partnering with Affiliate2Day?

The revenue you can generate with us depends on several factors, including the affiliate program you choose to promote, the volume of traffic you send, and the number of conversions you achieve each month. In general, the more of qualitative traffic you drive and the more purchases your clients make on our websites, the higher your monthly income is.

For more detailed information on basic commission rates, please visit Pay Per Lead programPay Per Sale program, Pay Per First Order program pages.

Are there any kinds of restrictions which affiliates should be aware of?

We do not allow traffic to be driven from sites which are adult based or include nudity or pornographic content. As our programs are purely for mainstream dating purposes we do not want to be associated with these kinds of sites. Secondly, we do not allow spam to be spread through either social media networks or emails. We value each and every one of our clients and feel this isn’t the best method to reach them. And finally we do not allow affiliates to associate or link keywords which are related to our affiliate or website brands with our competitors’ brands. For a detailed information please visit Term of Use Agreement page.

What do you mean by “Adult” and “Non-adult” traffic?

When referring to “Non-Adult” traffic, we generally refer to traffic that is driven from websites or web searches that is not relating to adult content (e.g. nudity, pornography).  This can be considered safe, clean and reliable.

“Adult” traffic therefore is the opposite of this, and may contain adult searches or content of an adult nature.  Sending us traffic from these types of websites or searches is prohibited and not eligible for affiliate revenue.

My traffic is not converting to leads or sales? Why?

Normally the targeting and well-tuned traffic sent to our websites converts well with a high conversion rate.  Additionally, conversions are often quick thanks to the high-demand for our services from our target market. However, there may be occasions when your conversions are not of the level you would have expected.  If this occurs, there is always a reason behind that. Take the time to understand and investigate the traffic you are sending to us and tweak how you go about targeting these users. Over time, you will likely find a method that identifies and refers traffic and converts well.

If you have any queries relating to your traffic conversion rate or sales records, please contact your Affiliate Manager requesting the audit of your current traffic. We will be glad to check your traffic and come back to you with ideas and advice to get things moving in the right direction.

What is considered fraudulent activity on Affiliate2Day?

You know what fraud is. If you must ask this question, then we would politely ask you to move on to another affiliate program - please.

We’re looking to build a community and business in the right way, providing customers with the services they demand and affiliate partners like yourself with a trustworthy way to generate revenue online.  Using fraudulent methods to trick our systems in to crediting you with referrals is strictly prohibited.  This can include the use of automation software, bots and many other such techniques.

If you are thinking of using fraudulent techniques with our affiliate program, we’d advise that Affiliate2Day has over 10 years of experience running a top level affiliate program. We have a number of alerts and cross-checks built into our system that will flag up any inconsistencies or concerns.

Any affiliate partners suspected of using our program in a way that is deemed fraudulent will have their accounts frozen automatically. They will be subject to suspension and all earnings will be forfeited.  We may also begin criminal proceedings to recoup any earnings the partner has fraudulently claimed.

Affiliate2Day operates a high-quality and trustworthy business and we treat our affiliate partners with the respect they deserve.  We are honest and transparent.  We expect our affiliate partners to show the same courtesy to us.

What is a postback link?

Postback link is a link your tracking software will provide you. You can place it on the "Postback Links" tab of your account and with it we can ping your tracking software to let you know that you got a lead/sale. After you’ve set up your postback link on Affiliate2Day we will ping that link every time you get a lead/sale and that ping will add the lead/sale to your tracking software on your own server.

In other words, the postback links are used to let your tracking software know that you have new leads or sales (depends on the chosen program).


What types of affiliate programs does Affiliate2Day offer?

You have a choice of three different affiliate programs and each one works excellently well for different marketing strategies. Your options include:

1.       Pay Per First Order, or PPFO
By participating in this program you will be paid for the First Order that each client of yours makes on any of our websites within a calendar month. You may earn $150, $200 or $250 per each First Order depending on the total amount of First Orders within a calendar month:

·         for 1-4 First Orders you’ll get $150 per order, which in total allows you to earn from $150 to $600 per month

·         for 5-9 First Orders you’ll get $200 per order, which in total allows you to earn from $1000 to $1800 per month

·         for 10+ First Orders you’ll get $250 per order, which allows you to earn $2500+ per month, with basically no upper limits as the amount you earn solely depends on the number of clients with First Orders you lead. See more of the details on PPFO here.

2.       Pay Per Lead, or PPL
Choosing this program you will get $6, $7 or $8 depending on geography, for each unique registration on any of our sites by the clients that you have targeted. This program is a cash flow for those affiliates who are able to generate great volumes of targeting traffic. We set no limits on the amount of registrations (a.k.a leads) you can drive per month therefore the amount of your possible earning is not limited as well. Please make a note that the quality of your traffic will be estimated by the conversion ratio of your leads to sales, which should not be less than 2% per month. See more of the details on PPL here.

3.       Pay Per Sale, or PPS
In this program instead of receiving a set amount per lead you’ll receive 25% from each order which is placed by your client. It’s not just about driving potential clients to our sites, but about how much they spend once they sign-up with us. To get access to online and offline communication with ladies on our websites, the registered users need to purchase “credits”. The more regular and the more expensive credits packages the clients purchase, the higher each commission of yours on PPS program is, heading to $94.75 per each client’s order!

Basically, the clients you will target to your websites may become your regular (if not saying life-time!) income generators.  PPS program also boasts $25 as a bonus just for sign up the program. See more of the details on PPS here.

What is the difference between Pay Per First Order and Pay Per Sale programs?

The Pay Per First Order Program allows you to generate from $150 to $250 for each referred client that purchases services on our websites for the first time. The rate you receive per each First Order will depend on the number of First Orders your clients place with a calendar month.

With the Pay Per Sale Program, you will be paid 25% commission for every purchase a referring client makes on our website.

Сan I shift from one affiliate program to another within my affiliate account?

Yes. You can do so by contacting your Affiliate Manager with the request for completing this for you.

What are the definitions for the terms "Lead", "Registration", "Sale", "Conversion" and "Tier" in your affiliate programs?

Lead and Registration
We put the same meaning into both of these terms and they are interchangeable. Lead, or registration is a registered user that you have targeted to any of our websites.

A sale is classified as a purchase made by a customer who has been directly referred to our websites by you, via your affiliate link/URL.

Conversion is a proportion of all your leads to the purchasing clients. Please remember that conversion is not an action of the client on the site, it is rather a measure that services to estimate the quality of the traffic sent.

Tier is another affiliate/webmaster recruited by you. You can promote Affiliate2Day’s affiliate offers among potential affiliates/webmasters and get tier commissions which are a certain percentage of their income with us.

Do you have a mobile app to promote?

Yes, we have a mobile app for Android OS available for promotion.

The application for iOS is under development. We will notify our affiliates as soon as the iOS app is available as well.

We’d welcome you to promote our mobile apps too.  If you’d like to do so, please contact your Affiliate Manager for further information.

Where do I see my commissions earned?

You can see your approved and therefore earned commission in Commissions ➔ Current Commissions tab on your affiliate account.

My commissions are in Pending Approval status; how soon will I get them approved?

Usually it takes our Affiliate2Day Team from 12 to 72 hours to check and approve your commissions.  If you see your commission in Pending Approval tab, it is most likely we are already working on it and will approve it shortly.

If you have any concerns or queries, just contact your Affiliate Manager who can look into it further.

I have some of the commissions declined, what happened?

We can decline your commission if we deem it to have broken the Terms of Use Agreement and/or set program conditions for Pay Per Lead, Pay Per Sale or Pay Per First Order offers. Please feel free to contact your Affiliate Manager for the reason of denial of any specific commission.

When do I receive my payment?

On Affiliate2Day we carry out payments on the dates from 20th to 30th of the current calendar month for the work in the previous calendar month. In line with programs conditions, we require an affiliate to reach the minimum of $50 to be eligible for paying out.

Please note that any other conditions relating to your chosen affiliate offer should be fulfilled to be eligible for paying out. You are welcome to check all the condition of your offer on Pay Per Lead program, Pay Per Sale program or Pay Per First Order program pages.

I am not eligible for paying out this month, do I lose my earnings?

No, on Affiliate2Day you never lose your earnings. We may add up your unpaid working month/months with the month/months eligible for paying out in case the summarized results satisfy the general affiliate program conditions.

What payout options do you have?

We send payouts by PayPal, Epayments Wallet, Bank wire transfers, Card to Card transfers (to VISA, MasterCard and Maestro bank cards), Yandex.Money. 

If none of the above methods suites you, please contact your Affiliate Manager for finding a possible individual solution.

Is it possible to earn higher rates of commissions?

Yes, in some circumstances it may be possible to increase the amount of commissions you earn from your leads, sales or First Orders. This will be dependent on several things, including your sales amount, conversion rate and the volume of traffic you drive. Please contact your Affiliate Manager for more details.

Can I earn tier commissions by referring other affiliates/webmasters/publishers to Affiliate2Day?

Yes, you are welcome to promote our affiliate program and to recruit as many 2nd tier affiliates as you wish. You will receive 10% from the earning of every active tier affiliate referred by you. You can find your personal tier linking code and promo banners for tier recruiting at Marketing Materials ➔ Tier Linking Code section of your affiliate account.


I want to promote more than one of your websites; do I need to open a separate affiliate account for the different sites?

No, you do not need to open a separate account to promote different sites. A single registration at is all that is needed as all of the promotional materials and banners for any of Be Happy Intl. group’s sites can be accessed through the same account.

Can I have multiple affiliate accounts?

While we do not have a problem with you having multiple accounts, we ask that you speak with your Affiliate Manager first and explain the reasons for needing more than one account.  If we are notified, we will be happy to facilitate this.  Please contact your Affiliate Manager for more information.

Сan I shift from one affiliate program to another within my affiliate account?

Unfortunately, you have no technical facility to move offers within a registered affiliate account, but your Affiliate Manager can do so for you. In case if you want to change your affiliate program, you are welcome to send a request to your Affiliate Manager.

What should I do if I’ve forgotten my password?

To restore your password please go to Log In page at, locate the box under “Forgot Your Password?” question and type your registered affiliate username there. Then click the button “Send To My Email” and an email with your password will be sent to the email address you’ve previously registered with us on Affiliate2Day. Remember to check your spam or trash folders if it doesn’t appear in your inbox.

If you face any trouble restoring your password online, do not hesitate to contact your Affiliate Manager for further instructions.

How can I delete my affiliate account?

To cancel your affiliate account, please send an email to your Affiliate Manager from the address you used on registration requesting the deletion of your account.

What are the reasons Affiliate2Day terminates/suspends my account?

We do our utmost to maintain high standards for our customers, and our affiliate partners.  Therefore, we reserve the right to terminate/suspend the accounts of any affiliates registered with us if we suspect usage of fraudulent traffic, unprofitable campaigns or any of our guidelines or Terms of Use Agreement have been broken.

To make sure that our affiliate network stays at the high level that it is now, please ensure that you adhere to the few restrictions mentioned. If you’re ever unsure of anything then get in touch with your Affiliate Manager who can offer advice and guidance.


How do I register my account?

To get your account registered please go to Sign Up page on, choose the affiliate offer you want to work with (it can either be Pay Per Lead, or Pay Per Sale, or Pay Per First Order), fill out the required fields and press Create My Account Button. It’s as easy as that!

After registration, you will get a notification letter to your registered e-mail address to confirm it.  Remember to check your spam or trash folders if it doesn’t appear in your inbox.

When you do it, we will receive your application for participation in the Affiliate2Day affiliate program. You will get another notification letter when your application is reviewed.

Where do I find my tracking code/URL?

You can find your tracking code/URL in the upper right corner of your affiliate account, it is also named Standard Linking Code and is located right in the box below the naming.

Please see an example below to locate the tracking code in your affiliate account:

How do I use banners?

There are two ways you can use the banners:

1.  Go to  Marketing Materials    Banners section and get the banner code of a banner/banners you want use for promotion. Insert the banner code on your site.

2.  Go to  Marketing Materials    Banners section, download a file and link it with your personal Standard Linking Code on your site.

Where do I find promotional materials to recruit tiers?

You can find your personal tier linking code and promo banners for tier recruiting at Marketing Materials ➔ Tier Linking Code section of your affiliate account.

How does the program keep track of traffic and visitors to the site?

When you first sign up with Affilate2Day you will get your personal Standard Linking Code that will feature your personal affiliate ID (several digits) with us, and this is what is used to track traffic to our sites directed from your sources and to record your commissions.

Our system can track the traffic throughout its journey and the actions of your clients on our websites, and with this it will credit your account accordingly. If you change the tracking URL for your traffic, make sure that you do not exclude the unique affiliate ID – if you do, we have no way of knowing that it was you who referred the traffic to us, and so no commission can be earned for this data.

Do you have landing pages for promotion? Where can I find them?

Yes, we do have a number of landing pages available for promotion. You can find them in Our Websites ➔ Landing Pages tab on our site.

How can I promote your sites? What type of traffic can I send?

You’re welcome to promote our websites in any way that you wish to, as long as it does not break our Terms of Use Agreement and is not illegal in the country or state from which you operate.

Accepted forms of promotion include, but is not limited to, websites/blogs, PPC advertising, mailing, and media buys.. We do not allow the use of spam marketing or mailing to promote our websites, nor do we allow incentivized traffic, self-generated traffic or traffic that is deemed to be, or generated from, “adult” websites.

Most our affiliates promote us by placing our banners on their own websites, but you may also join chat rooms, online clubs and other forms of social media and content.

We also encourage our affiliates to promote their own websites by registering them in dating links and directories – this can help with both awareness and SEO for your own sites.

Additionally, we accept traffic generated or referred from other popular websites and social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Can I promote your websites and therefore generate traffic from Facebook and other social medias?

Yes. As long as the promotion on each social media site is within the relevant terms of use and policies stipulated on each, and you use your unique Affiliate2Day’s Standard Linking Code, then you can send us traffic from these platforms.  Failure to use your unique tracking codes will mean we cannot attribute the referrals to you, so make sure you include it.

When using social media sites, you may not misrepresent any of Be Happy Int. group’s sites in any way. This also applies to any other types of posting marketing such as message boards, blogs, forums, etc.

How can I set a postback?

You can set it in Custom Tracking Links ➔ Postback Links tab on your affiliate account.


What tracking software do you use?

We are linked to iDevAffiliate tracking software, and it delivers full and high quality traffic tracking information in the real time mode, 24/7. Traffic log, payment history, commission records and statuses, custom-built reports are all available within an affiliate account.

How long will I have to wait for the statistics to be updated?

Our tracking software iDevAffiliate delivers full statistics in the real time mode, 24/7. Whenever you generate a commission or a conversion, it goes directly to your affiliate statistic and is available for viewing.

How long will I have to wait for the commissions to be approved?

Usually it takes our Affiliate2Day Team from 12 to 72 hours to check and approve your commissions. Meanwhile here are some peculiarities depending on the affiliate offer you are signed up to:

·         If you are a Pay Per Lead affiliate, then your commissions will go to “pending” status first. They then need to be approved by an Affiliate Manager which takes from 12 to 72 hours. The conversions are visible in the real time mode though. 

·         Pay Per Sale affiliates’ commissions also go to the “pending” status tab first as well, and are to be approved by your Affiliate Manager within 72 hours. 

·         Pay per First Order affiliates’ commissions are visible once a month, for the previous month. This peculiarity is the result of Pay Per First Order offer details as the payout amount per First Order depends on total the quantity of First Orders per month. The system counts First Orders and calculates the total relevant payout on the first day of each month, for the previous month.  If you work upon Pay Per First Order program, you can contact your Affiliate Manager and request looking into your current statistics at any time. 

Can it happen that you need more than 72 hours to approve commissions?

Usually all the approvals are done within three business days (72 hours), although at times it may take us a little bit longer to check and approve your commissions. This can be for any number of reasons.

If it is over 72 hours and the commission has been recorded to your affiliate statistics but remains in the Pending Approval tab, feel free to contact your Affiliate Manager who can look into it further and let you know the reasons of the approval delay.


How often will I be paid?

On Affiliate2Day we carry out regular payments on the dates from 20th to 30th of the current calendar month for the work in the previous calendar month/months. Please mind that all the conditions of your chosen affiliate offer should be fulfilled to be eligible for paying out. You are welcome to check all the condition of your offer on Pay Per Lead program, Pay Per Sale program or Pay Per First Order program pages.

Nevertheless, we can be flexible with the payment period depending on the amount and quality of traffic driven to us so if you want to make changes then just speak to us. Your Affiliate Manager will be happy to help.

What types of payment methods are accepted?

We send payments out by PayPal, Epayments Wallet, Bank wire transfers, Card to Card transfers (to VISA, MasterCard and Maestro bank cards), Yandex.Money. 

If none of the above payment methods suites you, please contact your Affiliate Manager for finding an individual solution.

What is the minimum balance required for getting my payout?

The minimum balance required for payout is $50 US.

Where can I add my payment details?

To add your payment details please go to My Account ➔ Payment Settings tab of your affiliate account, and add your payment details. Make sure to press Edit Payment Settings button upon adding the new information to save the changes.

Have not found an answer on your question? Feel free to contact us and speak to our dedicated Affiliate2Day Team. Our customer-facing specialists will answer any other queries that you may have, including giving assistance with your affiliate strategy and conversion rate optimization.