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Affiliate2day and the best affiliate programs If you are looking for affiliate programs in order to make more money from your website then look no further than ‘Affiliate2day’. We offer a host of the best affiliate programs out there which can help increase your bank balance through generating traffic.

If you already have a website with a healthy amount of visitors then you’re already half way there. ‘Affiliate2day’ are an affiliate network of sites which include dating services ‘Behappy2day’ and ‘Asiansingles2day’ and we’re looking for people like you to join us on a Pay per Sale, Lead or First-Order basis.

Both ‘Behappy2day’ and ‘Asiansingles2day’ are free to sign up dating websites with an aim of bringing together eligible Western men who are looking for beautiful women from Latin America, Ukraine, Russian or Asia. We have connected many couples together who have gone on to develop strong bonds, start families and find their soul mates. You can be part of helping these couples unite by working with one of the best affiliate programs out there.

How do affiliate programs work?

Affiliate programs work in a simple way; you can get paid by driving traffic and ultimately orders/ sales to our dating websites. This can be through banner ads on your website, content marketing, email marketing, social media or other areas. We can pay you for a number of different things; Pay per Lead, Pay per Sale or Pay per First-Order, and you can find out more about what these are below.

As one of the best affiliate programs out there we’re here to support you when you join our network whether this is the first program you have joined as a complete novice, or whether you have been running networks for years and are a pro.

If you want to host a banner on your website we can help you customize it to look exactly how you want by altering sizes, images and more. All of this can be accessed through our easy to navigate web system which we provide free of charge to all of our network partners.

What makes ‘Affiliate2day’ one of the best affiliate programs out there?

There are a number of reasons that make us one of the best affiliate programs out there but our pay-outs are certainly one of the best reasons that people join our affiliate programs. From the moment you register to our site you will be able to earn money by driving traffic to our sites. The traffic is tracked using a unique tracking ID which are included in the codes and links we provide you with.

Depending on which program you choose you can earn anything from $6 to $8 for a single lead to one of our dating websites, right through to $250 for a first-order from a client. Joining affiliate programs like ours is a sure fire way to boost your bank balance, increase your earnings and help people find love in the meantime.

It isn’t just the money that we pay out which makes us one of the best affiliate programs, our online system is one of the easiest to use systems out there. All of our reporting is done in real time so you don’t need to wait a week, or even 24 hours to find out how well your campaign is doing you can check it as and when.

If you’re unsure of anything at all we offer round the clock support which again is free of charge to everyone we work with and your assigned client manager is another source of knowledge and help which is available to you.

One of the best things about our affiliate programs are the ease of payments. Each and every month as long as there is more than $50 in your account you will be paid via PayPal directly. There’re no lengthy waits, no three month starting period, none of that. We want to recognise the hard work you do and reward you with quick, swift payments.

What is Pay per Lead?

We can offer you between $6 and $8 for each person who visits our website, and the price depends entirely on where in the world they reside. For example you might earn more for a visitor from the United States than you would from someone in Asia.

In order to get payment you do need to achieve at least a 2% conversion rate of people visiting our website signing up. For example if you send 500 people to our website within a month, at least 10 of those people must have signed up. If you reach the minimum conversion rate you will receive the money for every person who has come to the website.

What is Pay per First-Order?

If you fancy earning $250 for each conversion then Pay per First-Order might be the one for you. For each customer who you drive to our website you will receive $250 when they make their first order within a calendar month.

For example if through the traffic to our website you have five people within a month who not only register to our dating site but also put in an order you can earn yourself $1250 for your efforts. Earning this sort of money is sure to have you screaming that we’re one of the best affiliate programs you have worked with.

What is Pay per Sale?

Pay per Sale is one of our most popular options and means you can earn unlimited money for each and every sale that is made. When you choose this option from our affiliate programs you will earn 25% for each and every sale which is made from our site. This doesn’t matter if a customer makes one purchase or ten, you’ll earn 25% of what they spend.

If over a month customers who you have driven to our website end up spending $6000 you will have made yourself $1500 for your efforts.

We’re so confident that you’ll be successful we even give a $25 welcome bonus to anyone who signs up with our Pay per Sale program.

The world of affiliate programs might seem too good to be true to some

Affiliate2day has profitable pay per sale offers Some people read these figures and wonder how we can possibly by this generous offering out money via Pay per Sale or Pay per Lead basis’ but in reality we are just passing along some of the money we make back to you as a thanks.

We need traffic in order to continue the legacy of our dating websites and in order to be able to continually provide a fantastic service to our existing clients from across the world. This is where you come in; affiliate programs allow us to work alongside website owners to get the traffic that we need. Dating websites would not work if there were thousands of beautiful women but no men to fall in love with them so this is why we need your traffic.

As one of the best affiliate programs we can offer great rates, an excellent service, regular monthly payments and customizable reports in real time. We understand and value that our affiliates push our websites forward and continue them running along so we are prepared to reward them for this.

You can read more about our affiliate programs, how to register on the site and more by reading our blog and checking out our handy step-by-step guides. Thanks for choosing ‘Affiliate2day’.

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