How much can I earn?
Paid commissions


How to be a successful affiliate

There are several things to know that will really help newbies to work effectively. To become a good affiliate who can bring excellent traffic to an advertiser and so earn decent revenue, you should follow these recommendations:

1. Use several traffic channels simultaneously.

Do not limit yourself to just one website. Use social media, search traffic, etc. to grab more of an audience.  This way, you can increase the traffic flow and your earnings.

2. Know what you promote

It is obvious that you need to understand the offer you are working with and the specifics of the target users. Get as much information as you can, contact program managers for support. This will help you to filter traffic, use appropriate ads and achieve good results.

3. Analyze your promotion results and look for the most efficient ad methods

It’s not enough if you simply just place a banner on your website. You need to track the audience that is interested in the offer, the quality of your traffic, and the conversions. If different strategies provide different results, that’s fine. You can use the analytics to improve the channels that work for you and stop using those that are not relevant.

4. Study new advertising strategies

New promo methods and strategies appear constantly. To stay tuned, subscribe to relevant websites and blogs about affiliate marketing to pick out the ideas you like and want to try.

5. Stay patient

Affiliate marketing is not a very easy way to earn. It involves more than just placing an ad and receiving money for the leads. Research your audience, follow the program requirements, set up targeting, avoid prohibited promo methods and stay in touch with your affiliate manager to reach the top!

How to get high-quality dating traffic

Promoting dating services means attracting people interested in online communication. Here are some tips for you:

1. Research the audience – find out more about the main audience for the offers (you can find out how in previous tips), their age, location, gender, and preferences.

2. Make sure that your source is relevant to get dating traffic – for example, if have a beauty blog for women then it’s unlikely that male users will visit this and see your ad. However, if you have a website about men’s hobbies, you’ll have more chances of catching interested users.

3. Choose ad materials – pick the most appropriate ones that will look attractive, grab the attention of your users and, of course, convince them to click. Don’t be afraid to try various ads and replace those whose conversion is too low.

4. Quality over quantity. Although it’s great if you bring lots of leads, if they don’t use the website they’ve signed up to, this won’t make any sense. Concentrate on inviting people who really do want to find a soulmate and are ready to pay for online services to help them.

5. Always track your statistics. Check the statistics daily to see which ads are working better. If you keep your eye on the ball, you will know when it’s a good time to change something in your campaign.

Take your pick from the dating offers

The 2Day’s family of sites includes four international dating offers: – the main online dating service for family-oriented men from Western counties, Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world who are looking for a life partner from Slavic, Asian, or Latin American countries. This is not simply a site where visitors come to chat – this is a respected dating service where men can enjoy communication services, real meetings, etc. – this website presents only Asian single women and is specifically designed for men searching for Asian partners. – another premium dating service for those who love international dating and who are seeking a serious relationship. – the dating website where it is possible to communicate without any language barrier and for soulmates to meet online.

To choose the best offer to promote, we recommend you visit the websites, learn more about the services provided, the way they work, and the pricing as well. The FAQ sections are at your disposal.

You can choose one site, two, three, or promote all four of them! Keep checking your statistics to see which offer is most popular and set up your promo accordingly. Contact your affiliate manager for the support!

Everything you need to know about the Pay per First Order program

If you wish to earn up to $300 per customer transaction – the Pay per First Order Program is the best option for you. It allows you to earn between $25 and $300 for the first purchase made by your customers on one of our dating sites. It’s easy: the more target users you attract, the more of them will buy and the higher your revenue will be.

Keep in mind that the users’ geos matter and set up your campaign in accordance with the program’s rules and requirements.


-  Only 1 valuable sale per customer is needed to earn a commission

-  Variety of target traffic geos to work with

-  The more purchasing customers you bring, the higher your commissions will be


-  Only 1 sale per customer applies to the commission. Any further transactions relating to that customer do not bring any more commission no matter how much the customer buys

-  Purchases made by users from unreliable countries do not qualify for commission

If you know your audience well and are certain they’ll enjoy our services – advertise our websites using this program and you’ll make great earnings!

Everything you need to know about the Pay per Lead program

The Pay per Lead program offers you the opportunity to generate high-quality traffic to our offers and receive a fixed commission for each approved lead. To be approved, a lead must match the following criteria:

-          Male sign-up

-          Age 18+

-          Genuine male name

-          Country and current location must be the same and be on the list of target countries

-          Unique IP address

You will receive $2.5 - $8 per lead depending on the user’s geo. It’s important to remember the 2% sales conversion rule: at least 1 per 50 approved users must make a valuable purchase of our online services within a calendar month. If your leads just sign up but don’t buy anything, we will not release your payout for that month.

No worries though! The approved commission remains valid for 365 days. If later on your conversion rate is over 2% and covers your previous unpaid months, we will extend the conversion to those and release the payouts. Your affiliate manager will gladly explain the details.

Don’t forget that the key to earning with Pay per Lead is the quality and relevance of your users. Attract single men who want to date women online and are interested in high-quality matchmaking services and you’ll profit from the program!

Everything you need to know about the Pay per Sale program

The Pay per Sale program allows you to receive 25% of each transaction that your users make on our website(s). You refer customers who are interested in dating, they buy our online services – you receive 25% of the value of each purchase.


-       Lifetime commissions (you receive commissions for as long as your users continue to purchase)

-       Geos worldwide

-       Commission for the promo price (20 credits for $2.96) included

-       Welcome bonus of $25 (can be withdrawn with your payment min. $40).


-       You won’t receive any commission for the leads you refer.

Choosing the Pay per Sale program gives you the great opportunity to earn stable commissions and receive good payouts. We recommend you set up your campaign bearing in mind that our target audience is single (divorced, widowed) men, age 35+, interested in a serious relationship with single women from West European, Asian, and Latin American countries and who are ready to pay for the high-quality dating services we offer. Creating your ad campaign taking all this into consideration will give you the best chance of attracting clients who will become our loyal customers and bring you benefits!

Things to avoid in your ad campaign

We strongly recommended that you use only permitted promotional methods to avoid violating the program rules. Using prohibited methods of promotion will lead to inappropriate traffic quality and may result in a penalty or the suspension of your account.

So, here is what you should avoid doing in your ad campaign:

1. Generating traffic from adult resources (webcam, porn websites etc.). Users of such websites are not our target audience and may not be interested in our services.

2. Providing incorrect information to potential users. Ensure only the correct information is given about the product you are promoting. If you aren’t sure about certain details of your offer, request confirmation from your affiliate manager.

3. SPAM newsletters. If you are driving traffic from email campaigns, utilize your email database properly and carefully. Don’t send emails too often. Use templates in your account or create your own but don’t forget to gain approval from your affiliate manager.

4. Using illegal methods to generate traffic.

5. Placing our ads on sources that promote violence, illegal acts etc.

6. Ignoring data protection regulations (GDPR, CCPA etc.). Protect the privacy and rights of your users ensuring that their data is safe. Note that all of our offers are GDPR-friendly and the appropriate documents are placed on our websites.

Remember that a properly setup campaign is your guarantee of success!

Use appropriate marketing materials

Our entire range of ad materials is available to registered affiliates on their dashboard.


Before creating a campaign or placing an ad, view the choice of materials and choose the type and style according to your traffic source.

  • Banners: There are various sizes from the smallest to huge skyscrapers etc. but most have dimensions appropriate for Google AdWords. 
  • Videos: These are short YouTube videos showing female members from our dating sites on the move. If you place these on your site or social media page, your users can view how beautiful the ladies are and are likely to sign up. Note all videos feature website logos.
  • Lightboxes: This banner features a small preview that prompts the viewer to click on it to reveal the full image. Although an ad like this doesn’t take up a lot of space on a website, the pop-up reveals gorgeous members and features of our dating services.
  • HTML5 Ads: Dynamic ads, perfect for a website or blog. You can choose banners, which are great for your homepage, or features from our site like Chat Invitations, Featured Ladies, etc. Integrated into your source, they’ll look natural and attractive to your users. High conversion rate guaranteed!
  • Text ads: These are short pieces of content perfect for use in paid ads. Don’t forget to check the texts before you use them to make sure the content is appropriate for your promotion.
  • Email templates: Bright newsletter formats with perfectly prepared content and photos of top members. All you need to do is choose a template and start your newsletter. Don’t forget that any violation of newsletter rules may mean your emails go into SPAM which is bad for your campaign. 
We constantly update the Marketing Materials section so fresh ads are always available so you can change your campaign as often as you need to. Don’t use only one type of ad - mix them up and use several kinds to grab the attention of your users and make them click!

Work with your affiliate links

The standard linking code is your standard affiliate link that directs users to - our main dating website. You can see this on your affiliate dashboard:

If you want to promote any of our other dating websites, create your affiliate links for these on the Alternate Incoming Page Links page. 

It’s very simple. You just need to copy the URL of the site you want to promote -,, or

Paste the URL into the field:

1315b33e4f6b6f26.pngThen click the button to get your affiliate link for the desired website.

Use this feature to create affiliate links to certain website pages or landing pages.

Set up your targeting

Our target audience is single men who want to find love online and are ready to pay for dating services. If you take this into account when setting up your campaign, you will then only get quality traffic that will convert.

The best sales conversion rate comes from users from the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK and European countries. The full list of target countries can be found here.

What to do to win high-converting leads:

  • Use proper ad materials (banners, lightboxes, videos etc.) that present our dating websites in the best way
  • Avoid attracting female audience and users under the age of 18 to your traffic sources
  • Avoid giving incorrect information about the product you are promoting - telling the truth will ensure respect for your source and our services
  • Don’t purchase low-quality traffic from third-party companies
  • Track your traffic in your account and ask your affiliate manager to assess its quality
If your traffic doesn’t convert, update your campaign.

Choose your promotional method and set up your campaign

These promo methods are welcome:

  • Ads on your website
  • Your dating/relationship/lifestyle or other relevant blog
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest etc.)
  • Paid ads (Google Ads, media buying etc.)
  • Email newsletter (please check the T&C page for more details)
  • Reviews of dating websites/dating apps etc. 

These promo methods are not allowed:

  • Incentivized traffic
  • Adult resources
  • Any websites/pages that promote violence or are against the law
  • SPAM 
  • Keywords related to competitors of our dating websites

Keep in mind that our targeted audience is men, 18+ age (preferably 35+ age), single and interested in serious relationships with single women. The most converting geos are Europe, North America, and Asian countries.  Please consider this when setting up your promotion to increase your leads and sales conversion.

Please don't forget to check our Terms of Use Agreement to find all conditions and rules. 

Steps for a great start with

Step 1: Choose your program type

Get acquainted with all our affiliate programs – Pay per Sale, Pay per Lead and Pay per First Order. Check the conditions and features of each program and select the one which suits you best. Your affiliate program should work well for your traffic quality, volume, and type.

Step 2: Read our Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy

These pages contain important information about the program’s rules, requirements, and prohibitions. To avoid misunderstandings with the estimation of your traffic quality, payouts, etc., we suggest you make yourself fully aware of the main points of our cooperation policies.

Step 3: Create your affiliate account

Please complete the signup form carefully. Provide true and full information to gain account approval and create a good basis for ongoing mutual trust. Make sure that your traffic type does not violate our Terms of Use Agreement. Read our FAQ page to discover useful things to know about our work. 

The profile check will take up to 72 hours. When your account is either approved or declined, you will be notified via email.

Step 4: Get in touch with your affiliate manager

Our affiliate support is available in Live Chat on the site, by email, and via Skype. You can also send a request using the Contact Us form. Your dedicated affiliate manager will guide you, provide any information you need and help you to begin working with us.  

Step 5: Start driving your traffic

If you have a dating blog, a social media page, your own website, or any other traffic source that would work really well for a dating affiliate program then you have made the right choice! Use your Standard Linking code or create other affiliate links in your account. Use our Marketing Materials to set up your campaign. Check your Lead Statistics and commissions to see your results. 

We wish you an excellent start with!