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Some news for Pay per Lead affiliates ***** Новость для партнеров, работающих по программе Pay per Lead

dee9a1a75e468970.gifDear Partners!

We need to inform you that leads from India do not belong to the list of targeted users since October 2020 and no commissions are added for these signups. Please consider it when setting up your campaigns.


Yours sincerely, Team.


Уважаемые партнеры!

Мы вынуждены сообщить, что, начиная с октября 2020 г., регистрации из Индии больше не относятся к целевым, и за данные лиды комиссии больше не будут начисляться. Пожалуйста, учитывайте это при настройке таргетинга для ваших рекламных кампаний.


С уважением,



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6 Facebook Ads Hacks to Make Promoting Your Dating Offers Easy

When you’re working with an online dating affiliate, the one thing you need to do more than anything else is to get your dating offers seen. Because if people aren’t reading your content, then they’re not clicking your links. And if your pay per sale links aren’t being clicked, then you have no hope of

Get paid easily with the new Request Payout button! ***** Жми «Запросить Выплату», чтобы получить комиссионные легко!

Dear Affiliates!

We are happy to let you know that now, you’re welcome to send us your payment requests just in one click. We’ve added the green “Request Payout” button to your dashboard on – just by clicking it, you can tell us about your wish to get paid for the completed working month.
It’s much better than sending personal requests every month, isn’t it?

To activate the button you need to:

-  Have $40 min on your balance;

-  Have 2% sales conversion (for Pay per Lead affiliates).

Please note: you can request your payout not often than once per month. Your affiliate manager will get your request and process it to provide you with the payout when the payout period begins.

Please feel free to request your earnings from 20th to 30th every month. We wish you amazing traffic and fabulous revenue!



Уважаемые партнеры!

С радостью сообщаем, что теперь вы можете запрашивать выплату ваших комиссионных всего лишь одним кликом. Для вашего удобства, на вашу рабочую панель в аккаунте на мы разместили зеленую кнопку «Запросить Выплату» - нажав на неё, вы информируете нас о том, что желаете получить комиссионные за истекший месяц работы.
Мы уверены, что данный способ гораздо удобней ежемесячных запросов по имейл!

Чтобы активировать кнопку, вам необходимо:

-  Иметь $40 на вашем балансе (или более);

-  Иметь коэффициент конверсии не менее 2% (для партнеров, работающих по программе Pay per Lead).

Внимание! Вы можете запрашивать выплату не чаще одного раза в месяц. Ваш менеджер получит и обработает ваш запрос, чтобы предоставить вам заработанные средства, когда начнется новый период выплат.

Напоминаем, что платежный период длится с 20 по 30 число каждого месяца.

Желаем вам отличного трафика и высоких комиссий!


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Everything You Need to Know About Retargeting for Affiliate Program Marketing

When you’re working with any affiliate program, you’re always looking for new ways and new tools to secure audience interaction.  Remarketing is probably the most effective tactic that you’ve heard of but never tried. So, what do you need to know? How to Use Retargeting for Affiliate Program Marketing What is retargeting? In short, retargeting

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How to Find the Best Keywords to Promote Your Dating Offers

If you’re looking for ways to monetize your blog or website, joining a dating affiliate network can be a fantastic option. Dating is a niche that really never goes out of fashion. And if you join a program with various payment structures – pay per sale, pay per click, pay per sign up – it

It’s time to promote! New HTML banners added***** Время рекламировать! Доступны новые HTML –баннеры!


Dear Partners!

Again we are happy to announce that some new promo ads were added to our system! This time, we created several extremely attractive HTML ads to let you catch the interest of your users to our dating offers. Static banners are always great, but why not take a chance and try to show your users all the advantages of our dating services just in one banner? Test them today!

In the nearest future, we are going to upload more HTML ads to your affiliate accounts. Everything you need is just to copy the ad code and paste them to your traffic source.

We wish you success and amazing traffic!

Yours, Team.


Дорогие партнеры!

Мы снова рады сообщить, что обновили наши рекламные материалы! В этот раз мы добавили невероятно привлекательные динамические HTML-баннеры в нашу коллекцию. Мы уверены, что этот вид рекламы обязательно привлечет интерес ваших пользователей. Классические баннеры – это всегда отличное решение, но сейчас вы можете попробовать привлечь внимание будущих клиентов, продемонстрировав им достоинства наших офферов всего лишь одним баннером. Попробуйте уже сегодня!

В ближайшем будущем мы будем продолжать расширять список динамических баннеров. Все, что вам нужно – скопировать код баннера и вставить его на ваш сайт.

Желаем успехов! 

С уважением,



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The Best Free Marketing Tools for Working with Affiliate Programs

When you’re working with affiliate programs, your income relies upon the success of your marketing strategy. But marketing can be time-consuming, especially if you want to do it well. And when you’re working as a solopreneur, time is the one thing you’re often short of. The good news is that there are plenty of online

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Love in the Time of COVID: How to Promote Dating Offers when Social Distancing Rules Apply

So much has changed in the last eight months. We’ve moved from a state of what now seems like startling freedom, to a time of unmitigated anxiety. Covid-19 has changed working and social practices around the world. So, at a time when half of the world is wearing masks, travel is heavily restricted, many of

New dynamic landing pages available for! *** Доступны новые динамические лендинги для!

97cdd7292f59ecfb.jpgDear Affiliates,

Would you like to have something new and interesting for driving traffic to our dating offers? We know you would! So we added two newest dynamic landing pages for our main offer Try them to get higher conversions and more leads!

The landing pages are available in the Landing Pages tab on


Уважаемые партнеры!

Желаете чего-то новенького и интересного, чтобы привлекать трафик на наши дейтинг-офферы? Мы уверены, что да! Поэтому мы добавили две новых динамических посадочных страницы, ведущих на наш основной сайт Попробуйте вести на них трафик уже сегодня! Желаем вам конверсий и отличных лидов!

Лендинги доступны во вкладке «Лендинги» на сайте

New "Stay Home" banners available *** Доступны новые баннеры!

Dear Affiliates!

We hope that during the hard pandemic times, you take care of yourselves, avoid public places, and keep yourselves safe. We wish you health!

Even though the pandemic is here, online dating still attracts a lot of users and even more than before. It is another good chance to promote dating offers and help people find their matches without leaving homes.

So, we created some new banners promoting safe online dating to add something fresh and useful to your affiliate campaigns. You’re welcome to find them in the Marketing Materials tab in your personal account on

We are sure that these new ads will attract your users to our websites and let them enjoy safe online dating with gorgeous ladies. Try them today!


Yours faithfully, Team.


Уважаемые партнеры!

Надеемся, что в период всемирной пандемии вы соблюдаете необходимые меры безопасности, избегаете публичных мероприятий и остаетесь дома по возможности. Желаем вам крепкого здоровья!

Несмотря на пандемию, онлайн-знакомства продолжают развиваться и привлекать пользователей по всему миру. Это отличная возможность продвигать дейтинг-офферы и помочь людям найти свою вторую половинку, не покидая при этом своей комнаты.

Мы добавили новые баннеры, рекламирующие безопасные онлайн-знакомства, чтобы вы могли привлекать новых клиентов с помощью свежих, ярких креативов. Баннеры можно найти во вкладке «Маркетинговые Материалы» в вашем личном кабинете на

Мы уверены, что новые рекламные материалы понравятся вашим пользователям, и они станут нашими клиентами и принесут вам хорошую прибыль. Попробуйте их уже сегодня!


С уважением,



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Can I Use TikTok to Promote My Affiliate Program Links?

In early 2020, TikTok was acknowledged as the fastest growing social media platform in the world. It had 500 million active users worldwide in 2019. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know someone who uses it, even if you don’t use it yourself. So, of course, if you’re working with an affiliate

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How to Create Killer Email Marketing Subject Lines for Your Dating Offers

So, you’ve decided to use email marketing to promote your affiliate program dating offers. Great move. Email marketing can be a really useful tool for driving traffic towards those pay per sale clicks. But email marketing is only effective if you can first get people to open your messages. And to do that, you need

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Using YouTube to Promote Your Dating Offers? Here’s How to Nail Your SEO

In a world where vlogging is beginning to outpace blogging in terms of profitability, a growing number of affiliate program members are turning to YouTube to promote their dating offers. But while most people are getting to grips with SEO for written content. Video content requires a different SEO strategy. So, how can you make

Hot Summer Sale! Hot Summer Earnings! On July 1st only!

7b6dc777cb63f33e.jpgThe summer is at its height! It's hot and sunny everywhere! To make this summer brighter and hotter for you, we invite you to promote our Great Summer Sale on July 1st.

This is what our customers are going to get:

1) 10% OFF all credits
2) Every 11th minute in Live Video Chat FREE
3) FREE broadcasting of your Live Video

Why not attract new users interested in dating services to our offers and achieve success? We're sure that your audience is eager to get high-quality online dating and save on services. Just let them know that we are going to lower the prices! 

Find the promo banners in our newsletter.

Devotedly yours, Team.


Plus-Size Singles – the newest dating trend! Take your chance to earn!

Dear Affiliates!

Charming plus-size ladies are extremely popular among single men due to their natural beauty and attractive curvy bodies. For men seeking curvy women, this is a good chance to meet their dream ladies, while for you it is another possibility to make money on your dating traffic.

Everything you need is just to use our special landing page to attract users. Our fresh promo banners are available in the Marketing Materials tab.

Enjoy promoting our special Curvy Brides gallery and earn with us!

Any questions left? We’re always here to help! Contact us via email or Skype.

Sincerely yours, Team


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Three Hacks for Improving Email Opening Rates for Your Dating Offers

If you’re working with pay per lead dating affiliate programs, email marketing can be one of the most profitable sources of traffic. It’s the ultimate way to get your dating offers seen by people who are interested in seeing them. And if people are interested, they’re more likely to click those pay per sale links.

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8 Mistakes to Avoid When Working with an Online Dating Affiliate

Dating is one the biggest affiliate niches. It never goes out of fashion because humans are genetically programmed to look for love. And working with an online dating affiliate can be a really lucrative way to monetize a blog and develop a passive income. But to do that, you have to get things right. As

Get great leads with our newest Text Ads!

Dear Affiliates,

We have something new in our Marketing Materials section – meet fresh text ads uploaded!

We’ve added a lot of new various pieces to let your use them in your promo campaigns. If you are a blogger, a website owner, a Google Adwords expert, etc. – they will definitely be a great help for you.

Moreover, we keep uploading new text ads to the marketing materials to let you have a wide choice and pick the ones you like most of all.

We wish you amazing traffic and great revenue with us!


Devotedly yours, Team

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Five Things Not to Do when Working with Affiliate Programs

Working with affiliate programs can be a great way to monetize a blog or other online venture. As well as providing you with a new income stream, affiliate networks can help to inspire new content ideas and deliver value to your readers. Those pay per sale clicks can soon add up to create a semi-passive

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Five Tips for Boosting Conversation Rates when Working with Affiliate Networks

Working with affiliate networks can be a wonderful way to monetize a blog. It involves very little expense and can eventually lead to a passive income. But getting to that stage can involve a fairly steep learning curve. And one of the trickiest things to master is conversion rates. What is meant by ‘conversion rate’?

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Four Blog Post Ideas for Promoting Dating Offers

Joining an online dating affiliate can be a brilliant way to monetize a blog and to earn money online. But when you start out, all too often enthusiasm exceeds inspiration. You’ve had this amazing idea and you really just want to get on with it. But how do you even start coming up with the

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How to Monetize Your Dating Blog with an Online Dating Affiliate

Blogging is one of those things that people often come to just for the pleasure of doing it. It gives you a platform to voice your opinions, an outlet for your thoughts and frustrations. And it’s a great way of connecting with other people. But if you’re good at it, it can quickly come to

It’s time to promote! Get incredible traffic with our amazing $0.99 offer!

Dear Affiliates!

Everyone loves discounts. Everyone loves special offers. Everyone loves low prices and great deals.

We know it and we are ready to let you attract users by promoting our newest offer – 20 credits just for $0.99!

This is the lowest price we’ve ever offered to our customers, but for our affiliates only, we created this deal – just to let you boost your traffic.

Why wait? Find the landing pages & banners for the special 99-cents offer and start your campaign now!

Any questions? Your affiliate manager will be happy to answer them.


New blog post added!

Why Now is a Great Time to Work with an Online Dating Affiliate

These are crazy times we’re living through. Half the world is in lockdown or an approximation if it. And the rest of it probably will be soon. It’s scary and unprecedented. None of us has seen the like before. And we’re all trying to find ways to get through it, safely. That’s why it’s important

Detailed Real-Time Lead Statistics Now Available in Your Affiliate Account!

Dear Affiliates!

Fantastic news! Now, everyone has quick and easy access to the lead statistics in real-time mode!

No matter, what program you’re working with – Pay per Sale, Pay per Lead, or Pay per First Order – the number of your registered users, the dates of their signups and their locations are now visible for you in your affiliate account.

Where do I find my lead statistics?

Just sign up to your account and find a link in the upper menu:


Just click the link and view the statistics. You can choose a certain period or view the total number of your signed users:


How can the statistics help me with my work?

We’re sure that having the details of the referred users, you’ll be able to analyze the traffic you’re leading to our websites and decide what you could improve:

-          The signup dates can help you compare the number of signups per day, per month, etc. to see the most successful and the weakest periods of your work

-          The signup locations can correct the directions and geos to let you bring only targeted traffic that converts

-          You can see what user became a client who really paid and brought revenue to you etc. 

We do hope that you’ll enjoy using our update and it will be really useful for you.  We wish you luck and success with your activity within our affiliate programs!

Please, stay safe and follow the medical recommendations in your country due to the coronavirus pandemic. We hope that you stay home and take the necessary measures to avoid the infection.


Devotedly yours, Team


New blog post added!

Could Affiliate Programs Help You to Work from Home?

Home working has become increasingly desirable in recent years. The number of freelancers has skyrocketed since the 2009 Global Economic Downturn. And it’s happened for many reasons. The pleasure of being your own boss… And telling your old boss to stick it! The security that comes from having multiple revenue streams, rather than just one.

New blog post added!

Why You Should Be Security Aware in Your Online Dating Affiliate Campaigns

We’ve talked before on here, about how important trust can be when working with affiliate networks. If you want your readers and followers to click your online dating affiliate links, they need to be able to trust you. And while there are all sorts of ways that you can lose people’s trust – contradicting yourself,

March 8th Sale - take your chance to earn more!

Do you know that there is a special holiday dedicated to women which is widely celebrated in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, China among others? It is called International Women’s Day and it is celebrated at the very beginning of spring, on March 8th.

Are you wondering how to celebrate it? On this special day, it is usual to praise ladies, to pay them compliments, to present them with flowers and gifts and to show your love to them.

To let our users do it, we're launching our March Super Sale! Would you like to promote our exciting offers?

- 10% OFF all credits + 5% bonus credits to the account (on March 8th) – to purchase at beneficial rates and spend as much time together as possible on this special day.
- 10% OFF all Flowers & Gifts (March 3rd – 8th) – to show your love and attention to your lady.

Don’t miss this great deal! The more your clients buy - the more you earn!

New blog post added!

How to Avoid the Spam Folder When using Email Marketing for Affiliate Program Work

Email marketing can be a brilliant traffic source for anyone who works with affiliate programs. You’re playing to a receptive audience. You can personalize your content. And it’s a great way to build relationships with your prospective link clickers. But it comes with one major problem: spambots. During the course of the last few years,

New blog post added!

How to use Valentine’s Day to Boost Your Online Dating Affiliate Income

Holidays are always great for affiliate marketers. They give you structure and focus. And they make your readers more receptive to your offers. But if you’re working with an online dating affiliate, then Valentine’s Day has to be your biggest hitter. With love hearts, gifts and romance peppering every high street and filling every retail

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Everything You Need to Know About Working with an Online Dating Affiliate

The advice, when you’re thinking of working with affiliate programs, is to start by finding a niche.  As a general rule, your niche should be something that you’re interested in. That way, generating content comes more easily. And you’re more likely to be able to gain follower’s trust ). Which is important for the sustainability

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The 5 Secrets of Email Marketing for Affiliate Programs

If one of the New Year’s resolutions you’ve made for your business revolves around email marketing, it’s good to start with a strategy. Because email can be an incredibly important tool when you’re working with affiliate programs. Email not only gets your messages and promotions seen by an interested audience. It also helps to build

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New Year’s Resolutions for Anyone Working with Affiliate Programs

Wow. It only seems like five minutes since we were popping corks and drinking champagne to welcome in 2019. And now it’s almost time to say goodbye already. It’s been an interesting year. A lot has happened. And hopefully, if you’ve been working with affiliate programs, you’ll have both learned and earned a lot too.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you!

Dear Partners,

The most wonderful holiday of the year is almost here! And it’s time to express our sincere congratulations and wish you a holiday season full of fun, and a new year filled with prosperity.

We hope that the new year will bring you new opportunities and new possibilities, new solutions for your business, a great experience and amazing revenue!

It’s a pleasure to work with you and a joy to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


Devotedly yours, Team


Christmas Sale 2019 is almost here! December 24 – 25th!

4f6d769696e2a47a.jpgDear Affiliates!

Christmas time is here!  Snowflakes in the air, pre-holiday excitement, gifts and of course the expectation of a Christmas miracle in the heart of each person.

For this holiday season, we've prepared some Christmas gifts for our clients to let them enjoy dating services at nice prices and increase their chances to find their true love. So, here they are:

1)      10% OFF all credits + 5% bonus credits 

2)      33% OFF all Virtual Gifts 

The Christmas Sale will start on December 24th and last for 48 hours. This is an amazing possibility for you to attract new users via your promo campaigns and increase your revenue with us!

Promote our special offers and get great results with affiliate2day! Find ads and emailers in the newsletter!

Devotedly yours, Team


New blog post added!

Why You Should Use Affiliate Programs to Monetize Your Blog

Our usual focus here is on how to improve your blog content for affiliate marketing purposes. We discuss and advise upon the various strategies for attracting dating traffic and promoting your affiliate program’s messages. But what we don’t often go into is why you might want to put in all that effort. Why should you…

The minimum required balance for a payout will be just $40 already in December 2019!

bd9e6cf2a6ef760c.pngDear Affiliates!

We at affiliate2day take care of our partners and know that sometimes, it is not that easy to promote offers and attract new users to the promoted websites. It may happen that the results of your work are not as excellent as they were before, but your work still needs to be rewarded.

For this reason, we decided to reduce the minimum payout balance - since December 2019, you need to get commissions for $40 to receive your monthly payment from us.

This means that already in January 2020, the affiliates, who earned min. $40 instead of min. $50, will be in our payout list!

We hope you'll like our updates! For more info, please contact your Affiliate Manager.

Best wishes, Team

New blog post added!

Mistakes to Avoid When Using Facebook Ads to Promote Your Dating Offers

If you’re working with an online dating affiliate program, like Affiliate2day, the chances are that you’ve turned to social media to promote your dating offers and find dating traffic. Whether you’re working with a base blog or website, or simply using social platforms, Facebook has become so ubiquitous, that it’s an opportunity seriously missed if…

Black Friday Sale coming soon! Promote and Earn!

Dear Affiliates! 

Black Friday, the most awaited event of the year, is just around the corner! In just a few days we will be very happy to delight our customers with our special sale offers and give you an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the sale and earn!

Invite your users to visit our websites оn November 29th and enjoy the following offers:
1) 10% OFF all credits packages;
2) FREE minutes in the Live Chat.

We're sure that new and existing users will love our special offers and spend a wonderful weekend chatting with gorgeous ladies, while your earnings are growing!

With our updated PPFO program and an extended list of targeted countries, boosting your revenue has never been easier!

Now, here’s a short reminder for you:  The Black Friday Sale will happen on November 29 th 00.00 – 23.59 EST only! So hurry up and find promo materials in your email inbox and start promoting our offers now!

Devotedly yours, Team


New blog post added!

How to Write Content that Converts into Sales for Affiliate Programs

Creating content that converts is among the greatest difficulties for anyone working with affiliate programs. That’s why we’ve made it a bit of a focus during the last few months. But it’s not just about coming up with ideas. It’s about knowing what to include, what to leave out, and how to publish it in…

New promotion possibilities are already here for you! Meet the newest lightboxes & banners in marketing materials!

2553dad20973b2eb.jpgDear Affiliates!

We’ve got something new & fresh for you! To enlarge the ways to promote our websites and introduce our gorgeous female members to attract your users to our services, we have added the brand new marketing materials to our system. Find the lightboxes in the Marketing Materials tab of your account.

What is a lightbox?

Lightbox is a material consisting of a small preview and a large banner that is displayed by filling the screen and dimming out the rest of the web page.

How should I use lightboxes?

Everything you need is just to copy the code of the chosen lightbox and put it into your site code wherever you wish to show it. By clicking a lightbox preview, the users will see a large, stylish and very attractive banner displaying all the advantages of our dating services. After clicking the lightbox itself or the link below it, the users will be directed to our website.

Try our novelty today to increase your chances to get great leads & sales!

This is not all! We’ve also created some new banners for you – find them all in the Banners tab in your personal account.

We wish you amazing traffic and excellent revenue with us!

Devotedly yours, Team.


Meet the latest updates in the PPFO program!

Dear Affiliates,

Are you registered with our PPFO program? Would you like to earn more as our affiliate?

If your answer is “Yes”, then we’re happy to announce that we updated our Pay per First Order program for you! Now, you can earn up to $300 per first order of the clients led by you to our websites.

This is how it works:

-          For 1-3 First Orders in a calendar month, you will get $150 US per each First Order. In total, this allows you to earn from $150 US to $450 US per month.

-           For 4-6 First Orders in a calendar month, you will get $200 US per each First Order. In total, this allows you to earn from $800 US to $1200 US per month.

-           For 7-9 First Orders in a calendar month you will get $250 US per each First Order. In total, this allows you to earn from $1750 US to $2250 US per month.

-          For 10 or more First Orders in a calendar month, you will get $300 US per each First Order. In total, this allows you to earn $3000 US+ per month.

There is no upper limit to the revenue! The more clients make their first purchase, the more you earn!

If you aren’t a registered affiliate yet, take your chance to enjoy the newest PPFO program conditions and increase your income with affiliate2day!


New blog post added!

The Five Most Frequently Asked Questions When Working with Affiliate Programs

Whether you’re totally new to working with affiliate programs or a seasoned old hand, there will times when you have questions. In fact, we regularly get asked questions by members of our affiliate partnership program. Ranging from how to start out, to suggestions on social media strategy. While we’re always happy to help out where…

Halloween is coming! Grab your chance to promote Halloween Sale and earn!

Dear Affiliates!

The most mysterious and spooky holiday of the year is just around the corner! While everyone is busy preparing for the Halloween celebration, making festive outfits and cutting pumpkins, we’re offering you something better – promote our newest Halloween Sale and grab your revenue!

On October 31st, for 24 hours only, all the clients of our websites will be offered to enjoy discounts and bonuses, such as:

1)      10% OFF all credits packages + 5% bonus credits added to the balance

2)      7 credits per minute starting with the 11 th  minute for Phone Calls ordered or confirmed on Sale Day

We invite you to celebrate Halloween with us and promote our special sale! Find the promo materials in the newsletter delivered to your email inbox or just contact your Affiliate Manager for more info.

Hurry up! Let your users know that Halloween is not only time for fear, but also time for love and nice specials!


Dear Affiliates!

Amazing news for you! If you’re promoting our offers within the Pay per Lead program or if you’re now choosing the most advantageous program for you, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that our list of targeted countries has been extended. Now, it includes 60+ countries, which ensures higher possibilities for you to attract high-quality traffic and earn more commissions!

Moreover, we’ve added a new commission for you to increase your revenue possibilities. By driving traffic from the countries below, you can earn $2.5 per approved lead:

Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Columbia, Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Turkey, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain

The new conditions are already valid for you! Grab your chance to earn more with!

For further information, please contact your Affiliate Manager.

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How to Use Video Content when Working with Affiliate Programs

We’ve been focussing on content creation quite a lot recently. Because no matter what platform you’re using, if you want to attract an audience, content remains king. But one area that we’ve not given much attention to is video. And that’s remiss because it’s one of the best ways of converting clicks into sales when…

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Which Types of Content are Suited to Promoting Dating Offers?

Content creation is one of the areas that most people struggle with when they’re working with dating affiliate sites. It’s not that there’s not much to say, more than if you work in any niche area for long enough you begin to feel like you’re repeating yourself. So, finding ways to keep your content coming…

New marketing materials available!!!


Dear Affiliates,

Great news! We’ve update the range of our marketing materials for you and added a new section with short videos presenting the best single girls! This is a wonderful way to advertise our offers by showing top singles from our websites demonstrating their beauty!

We’ve added videos for three of our websites so far, but we’re not going to stop and new clips will be added to our gallery very soon.

Feel free to use videos for promoting our sites and increase your revenue! Find the new tools in the Videos folder of your profile. Just copy the code and paste it to your source.

Devotedly yours, Team

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Ideas for Content Creation when Working with Dating Affiliate Programs

Here we are in the middle of September already. The summer is over and it’s time to start planning your winter campaigns to get that pay per sale cash rolling in. But you won’t be alone if you’re starting to find content creation a struggle. It’s easy to feel that your topics are finite when…

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Do You Have to Invest in Expensive Online Courses to Make Money from Affiliate Programs?

No. On to the next blog! … Oh, you want more of an answer than that? Go on, then. One of the biggest misconceptions about working with affiliate programs is that you have to spend a small fortune on online courses to find out how to do it. You search the internet and are confronted…

Happy Birtday Sale coming soon! On September 3rd only!

Dear affiliates!
September is almost here, and soon we're going to celebrate our birthday! We invite you to join and have some fun with us and, moreover, increase your revenue!

On September 3rd, from 00:00 to 23:59 EST time, the customers of our websites will have a chance to enjoy our special offers&prices. You're welcome to find detailed information in the newsletter or ask your affiliate manager for more info.

Happy Birthday to us!

Wishing you great sales&income!

Devotedly yours, Team.


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The Best Ways to Get Your Pay Per Sale Links Clicked

There are many different aspects to affiliate marketing.The research, the planning, the advertising, the writing. There are the features that are important to the affiliate networks. Then, there’s the things that matter to program members. And of the latter, what it really boils down to is clicks. How many of your pay per sale links…

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Working with Affiliate Networks: The Truth Behind the Myths

Working with affiliate networks has become one of the most popular ways of earning money online. But as with every other internet-based earnings system, a lot of myths have been propagated around it. And it’s not always easy to see the truth behind all the fiction. So, today we’re going to look at some of…

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4 Things to Focus on When You Begin Working with Affiliate Networks

When you first begin any new business project, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the details. And when you start working with affiliate networks it seems like you’ve got so much to do. Especially if you’re starting from scratch with a new website to manage too. The thing is, there are a lot of things…

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How to Start Working with Affiliate Programs on a Shoestring Budget

There are all kinds of ideas about working with affiliate programs. Some people think that you have to be good at coding to start. Others believe that you must have a large chunk of capital to invest upfront. While there are those who imagine that if they just add some links to their website, the…

Technical problems on May 13th are fixed!

43ccb5323af50f9a.pngDear Affiliates!

Today, on May 13th, due to some technical issues, our service was not available for you. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused to you! Now, we're happy to inform you that all the problems have been fixed successfully and you're welcome to continue working in your personal account!

Your patience and understanding are highly appreciated!

New Banners Available! *** Доступны новые баннеры!

[ENG] Dear Affiliates,

We would like to notify you that a bunch of New Banners was added and is now available for all marketing groups to use!

Find the New Banners at the top of the list of banners.

We wish you great traffic and happy sales!

For any further questions, feel free to contact us at


Best regards, Team


[RUS] Уважаемые партнеры!

С радостью сообщаем вам, что мы добавили новые эксклюзивные баннеры, которые доступны для всех маркетинговых групп!

Вы можете найти новые баннеры в самом верху списка баннеров.

Мы желаем вам хорошего трафика и удачных продаж!

Если у вас имеются вопросы, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами по адресу


С уважением,



New targeting possibilities & new commission available!

Dear Affiliates,

Great news for the partners working with our Pay per Lead offer and our new affiliates who consider participating in this program! To increase your leads and revenue, we’ve expanded the list of targeted countries.

Have a look at the latest updates in the Pay per Lead Program:

- $6 per lead – France, Spain, Italy added;

- The new commission added - $4 per lead from Greece, Chile, Portugal, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Mexico, Saudi Arabia.

We hope that you’ll take advantage of the new targeting possibilities and will attract new audience to our websites, which will definitely raise your earnings with us!

For further details, please feel free to contact your affiliate manager.

Devotedly yours, Team


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear Affiliates!

The most magical time of the year - Christmas time - is already here! We're delighted to express our sincere congratulations and send you our warmest wishes of happiness, love, success and greatest achievements.
May the holiday spirit be with you and your family today and throughout the New Year. We do hope that in the upcoming year our cooperation will grow and become more fruitful, successful and enjoyable.

Wishing you happy holidays, wealth and all the best!

Yours, Team


Newest Christmas Special offers coming soon!

bc4aa2b7b978ce9e.jpgDear Affiliates!

Christmas time is just around the corner, and we're happy to announce that our company launches the special Christmas Sale & Chat Marathon for all customers.

The unique offer will be valid from December 24th till December 25th (48 hours) and will include:

- 10% off all credit packages 
- Christmas Live Chat Marathon - 10% of credits spent on Live Chat services will be returned to the customers' accounts.

Take your chance to attract new users to our websites and earn more during this Christmas season! Find the promo materials in the newsletter  - just check your email inbox! 

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


To celebrate the anniversary of the company, and reward our dedicated partners, is launching a special bonus program. Don’t miss this amazing chance to earn extra cash for no extra effort!

When: September 1st – September 30th

Please note: you can start preparing for the participation in the bonus program in advance. In fact, if you’re planning to refer sub-affiliates, the sooner you start, greater your chances to get more bonuses!

Permitted applicants


All affiliates

Refer sub-affiliates and receive $100 extra for each one!

In order to receive the bonus, the referred affiliates must be eligible for paying out.

You will also receive 10% from the earnings of every active tier affiliate referred by you, as per the Two-Tier program’s conditions.

Remember! The more sub-affiliates you refer in August the more opportunity you’ll have to gain bonuses in September as they all get to work!

Find your Tier Linking Code and promo banners in your account at Affiliate2Day!

PPS affiliates only

Boost your affiliate earnings! Refer as many customers as you can and get a $1000 bonus in addition to your PPS commissions if you reach 200 sales!

The earlier you start referring customers, the more likely you are to reach the required number of sales in September to receive a bonus.

To participate, simply send a request via contact form. Please do not forget to mention your affiliate ID or username. That done, you’ll receive a confirmation for participation from us.

The results will be collated and the bonuses will be added to the winner’s accounts by October 20th 2018.

Don’t delay, start boosting your earnings today!


*Please contact us if you have any questions about this bonus program.

The final interpretation of this promotion is reserved by


Offer to increase the conversion rate for Pay-Per-First Order Affiliates!

Dear Pay-Per-First Order Affiliates,

We are glad to inform you that starting from 06-Apr-2017 your clients will get a special beneficial offer that will empower your First Orders count! 

From now on upon registration, your clients will get a special site’s promotional offer to purchase their first package of 20 credits at an incredibly low price just for $ 2.96 USD, instead of a regular price of $ 15.00 USD. 

This promotional offer serves to ensure that as many of your clients as possible will start making their qualitative purchases on the site and therefore will convert and monetize your traffic!

Meanwhile please be informed that the client’s purchase of 20 promo-credits for $ 2.96 USD will not be qualified as First Order and it will not be shown on your affiliate stats. However, any second purchase of the same client will be qualified as First Order and will be recorded to your affiliate stats. For his second purchase, the client may choose to buy any package of credits, even the cheapest one which is $ 15.00 USD for 20 credits.

We’ve successfully tested this promotional offer before on a certain group of clients, and we’ve got amazing results: being able to try some site’s exiting services at an incredibly low price of $ 2.96 USD, the clients willingly make their next purchases (second, third, and so on) to continue using the site’s services they love. Having this promo-price offered to your clients for their first purchase of 20 credits, we expect the increase of your conversion rate, and as a result the growth of your success with us!

We wish you great traffic and happy sales!


Offer to increase the conversion rate for Pay-Per-Lead Affiliates!

Dear Pay-Per-Lead Affiliates,

We are glad to inform you that starting from 03-Feb-2017 your clients will get a special beneficial offer that will empower your conversion rate!

From now on upon registration, your clients will get a special site’s promotional offer to purchase their first package of 20 credits at an incredibly low price just for $ 2.96 USD, instead of a regular price of $ 15.00 USD. 

Meanwhile please be informed that the client’s purchase of 20 promo-credits for $ 2.96 USD will not be qualified as conversion*** and it will not be shown in the conversion rate on your affiliate stats. However, any second purchase of the same client will be qualified as conversion and will be recorded to Current Conversions on your affiliate stats. For his second purchase, the client may choose to buy any package of credits, even the cheapest one which is $ 15.00 USD for 20 credits.

This promotional offer serves to ensure that as many of your clients as possible will start making their qualitative purchases on the site and therefore will convert and monetize your traffic!

We’ve successfully tested this promotional offer before on a certain group of clients, and we’ve got amazing results: being able to try some site’s exiting services at an incredibly low price of $ 2.96 USD, the clients willingly make their next purchases (second, third, and so on) to continue using the site’s services they love. Having this promo-price offered to your clients for their first purchase of 20 credits, we expect the increase of your conversion rate, and as a result the growth of your success with us!

*** In Pay Per Lead affiliate offer a conversion means the first purchase of your client on our website. Leads, or clients’ registrations, that are paid off 6, 7 or 8 USD are called commissions, not conversions. As of the offer terms, the affiliate needs to reach 2% min. of conversions (clients’ purchases) to the amount of commissions (leads, or clients’ registrations), so that we could pay out the affiliate earnings. In other words, each 50 commissions you lead should be supported by minimum 1 conversion (client’s purchase) which will ensure the required conversion of 2% minimum.

We wish you great traffic and happy sales!