Benefits of User Generated Content for Affiliate Program Members

User generated content (UGC) is fast becoming one of the most popular ways of both populating blogs and websites. And building customer engagement. If you’re working with an affiliate program, you can use it in a variety of ways. From building a social media following. To enhancing your email marketing strategy. But what exactly is UGC? And why is it a good idea for your online affiliate program work?

User Generated Content for Affiliate Program Work

What is user generated content?

UGC is the term used to refer to any web content that is not created by that site’s publisher or a professional marketer. It can take a whole range of forms, from reviews to photos and challenge participation. And research has shown that audience members who interact with UGC are 100.6% more likely to convert. So, while UGC can take some effort to implement and manage, it can also deliver a significant return on investment.

What are the main benefits of using UGC for affiliate program work?

1. Authenticity

If you’re working with an online dating affiliate, promoting dating offers, the one thing that will set you above your competitors is authenticity. If your followers believe you to be genuine, honest, and trustworthy, they are more likely to like you. And if they like you, they’re more likely to accept your recommendations. And UGC builds that trust and authenticity because you’re giving other people a voice in your content. You’re providing real insights from real people. And whether or not they share your views and experiences, this shows that you’re not trying to mask the truth.

2. Enhanced user engagement

UGC is more engaging by its very nature. When a user sees that other users have contributed to a site, they realise that the option is there for them to contribute too. It humanizes content, removing impersonality. Which also works to make that content more accessible. And more relatable.

3. More dating traffic

User generated content attracts more traffic for a number of different reasons. Firstly, as we’ve already mentioned, it’s more engaging. But UGC is also a great way to improve SEO. Primarily because it provides fresh and relevant content on a regular basis. And the better your SEO, the more traffic you’ll attract. It’s also a natural way to integrate long-tail keywords into your site. And it enhances social media optimization. So, your content is more likely to be shared. And the more your content is seen and shared, the more leads you’re likely to receive. Which can have a dramatic effect on your pay per sale income.

How to get user generated content for your affiliate program work

The primary difficulty with UGC is that it can be difficult to encourage. While you can work with influencers and other bloggers, the resulting content often looks paid for. Which removes the all-important authenticity. So, encouraging readers to leave reviews and share their experiences tends to be a better approach. Another option would be to initiate a TikTok challenge (or similar). Making sharing content fun. But beware – some of these challenges have spectacularly backfired (link: So, think carefully before you act!

User generated content has enormous potential for anyone who works with affiliate programs. It can change your conversion rates and enhance your income significantly. You just have to use it wisely. And find the best approach for your style and your affiliate program products.