Effective Email Marketing Strategy Hacks for Affiliate Program Members in 2023

Email marketing went out of fashion for a while. It carried too many risks. Including the potential to have your IP address banned. Which could be catastrophic for any digital business. But despite that,  email remains a highly effective marketing tool for affiliate program members. As well as the wider business community. In fact, according to Statista (link:, email marketing is set to generate $10.89 billion in 2023. With that figure increasing to $17.9 billion by 2027. So, how can you get the most out of email marketing when you’re working with affiliate programs?

Email Marketing Strategy Hacks for Affiliate Program Members

1. Use personalization

Historically, email marketing has been about reaching the most people for the least effort. And that’s great, if you’ve got an enormous customer base. But if you’re working strategically, personalized emails with tailored content are far more effective. The good news is that there are a number of ways you can do this.

  • Segmentation – By splitting your mailing list into groups according to a range of specified criteria – location, age, gender, interests – you can ensure that the right content reaches the right people.
  • Use personal information – If you collect your audience’s personal data (with their permission), you can use it to create personalized content. A happy birthday greeting with a discount code, for example, is always welcome.
  • Follow up on browsing activity – If someone completes a specified action on your website, such as viewing one of your affiliate program’s products, follow it up. Ask if they need more information. Tell a funny story related to your experience of that product. Offer to help.

2. Keep your mailing list clean

One of the quickest ways to get yourself blacklisted is to keep emailing people who don’t want to hear from you. So, remove subscribers who haven’t opened your emails for more than three months. Remove bounced emails. Ensure your emails have an auto-unsubscribe button. And make sure that that function is active.

3. Add value

You probably know this from your own experience. But we all receive a LOT of emails. And most of them go unopened. The best way to ensure that your emails are not left unopened or deleted, is to provide value. So, don’t just use email to big up your dating offers. Provide content people want to read. If you can negotiate with your online affiliate program to create a discount that can be passed directly your customers, do so. It’s always worth asking. And don’t just email for the sake of it. It’s good to keep yourself present in the minds of your audience. But only if you have something to say.

4. Split test your content

Just like social media marketing, email marketing performs best when your get the right content to the right people. And performing spilt testing can help you to do this.

5. Try user generated content

User generated content is a relatively new approach in email marketing. But whether it’s text, audio, images, or video, it’s proving to be a major hook for viewers. In fact, 82% of consumers highly value user generated content. So, whether you’re trying to directly promote dating offers, pull in more dating traffic to your website, or get those pay per sale links clicked, user generated content can be highly effective.

Email marketing is one of the most important traffic sources for anyone who works with an affiliate program. It’s versatile and flexible. And it can deliver an enormous return on investment. You just have to take steps to do it right.