How to Improve Your Technical SEO to Increase Your Affiliate Program Income

When you’re working with an affiliate program to monetize your blog or website, improving your domain authority can be integral to getting your posts seen. Which, in turn, is integral to getting your pay per sale links clicked, and the dollars rolling in. But one of the most influential aspects of domain authority is technical SEO. And it’s not always easy to get it right. So, here’s what you need to do to get your technical SEO in order, to attract affiliate partnership program sales.

Five Tips for Improving Your Technical SEO for Affiliate Program Returns

1. Work on your security

For a while there, the https:// prefix was only seen on sites where financial transactions were made. And often not even then. But now, if you want your audience to trust you, and search engines to rank you, you need to invest in Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Which uses encryption to create a secure link between a web server and a browser. Affiliate programs rely on referrals. And no one is going to trust your links unless your site is secure.

2. Work on your site speed

In many ways, technical SEO is simply improving the user experience. And these days, page speed matters. To both users and search engines. So, if your pages are slow to load, you need to take steps to fix the situation. Use a fast host and domain name system provider. Keep image sizes down and compress web pages. Try to avoid plugins and scripts.

3. Be accessible to all

The chances are, if you’re browsing for dating offers, you’ll probably be doing it on your phone or tablet, rather than a desktop. So, when you’re working with an online dating affiliate, it’s really important that your site is responsive and accessible. Otherwise, you’ll never reach your target audience. Some of this can be managed through improving your site speed. But you also need to consider your format and design.

4. Optimize your XML sitemap

Your sitemap is what search engines use to find and index your web pages. So, the better your sitemap, the more dating traffic you will attract. And the more affiliate program referrals you’ll be able to make. The good news is that creating a sitemap is pretty easy. If you use a WordPress site, you can generate a sitemap for free. Otherwise, there are other options available. But the trick is to keep your sitemap up to date and optimized.

5. Remove any errors or duplicates

You’re human. You make mistakes. We all do. But there’s little denying that your technical SEO will improve if you remove those errors on a regular basis. This includes duplicated content, poor or missing meta descriptions, and absent image attributions, among other things. Regularly reviewing other important technical aspects, such as page speed and responsiveness is also a good idea.

Technical SEO covers a broad remit. It can refer to link building, crawl errors, canonical urls, keyword usage in alt-text, data markups, and AMP enablement. As well as a dozen other points. But if you start with these five easy steps, you’ll find it far simpler to help everything else fall into place. So your affiliate program work starts to yield results. And all your efforts begin to deliver dividends.