How to Research Your Target Audience for Dating Offers

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Working with affiliate programs carries a huge amount of potential for bloggers. It can be a tremendous way to monetize your work. Making sure that all that time and effort pays off. But to maximize that potential, you have to be sure that your content is getting in front of the right people. So, before you start posting your dating offers, it’s really important that you take time to research your target audience.

Three Tips for Researching Your Target Audience for Dating Offers

Create audience profiles

If you already use an analytics program, you’ll have access to a large amount of audience data. And this can give you a really good insight into what your current audience is interested in. How you can tailor your dating offers to appeal to your existing audience. And the type of content you need to create to attract new people to your online dating affiliate products. By creating audience profiles, you are building a mental image of your various targets. And this allows you to create great content that will specifically appeal to each sector of your audience.

Understand why your audience might be interested in your dating offers

While this might seem fairly obvious, if you think about it, there are all kinds of reasons why people are interested in dating. For some, it’s curiosity. Others are looking for fun. While a solid group are tenaciously searching for ‘the one’. You need to understand which group[s] of people you are working with. And how you and your affiliate program products can help them. Are they divorcees? Are they widowed? Have they always been single because they lack the confidence to do ‘real life’ dating? What age group are you dealing with – Gen X, Millennials, Boomers? What is it that they want from you?

Answering these questions isn’t always easy. But conducting surveys can help. There are plenty of free tools to help you do this available. Such as SurveyMonkey and Google Forms. You might also consider social listening to help you find out what your audience likes and dislikes about other dating networks.

Keep an eye on what other people are doing

Dating traffic is a highly competitive area. Largely because it’s a highly lucrative, evergreen niche. And this means that there are a lot of dating affiliate networks out there. And a lot of bloggers working with them. Checking out what your competition is doing may seem underhand, but it can be a great way to get to understand your audience. Not because you want to copy their work or their tactics. But because you want to understand what their customers are getting from them. What their pain points might be. And what channels they are using to reach their audience. Because this enables you to see how you can serve the audience members who are not yet being catered for.

Dating affiliate programs are one of the leading lights in the affiliate industry because dating offers are big business. In fact, between January 1st and April 30th this year, there were almost three billion total visits to dating and relationship websites. This means that the earning potential is enormous for any blogger prepared to put in the work. But one of the most important steps towards doing that, is to research your target audience.