How to Use Dating Offers to Monetize Your Blog

You put a lot of time and effort into your blog. It’s become part of your life. It’s even become a bit of a business. Making you cash from time to time with reviews and sponsored posts. But really monetizing it can be harder. And for all the energy you put into it, it should give you something back, right? Well, that’s where dating offers might be able to help you.

Working with affiliate programs has become the number one way to make blogging profitable. And dating is an evergreen niche. So, how can you start attracting that dating traffic and promoting those dating offers?

How Can You Start Monetizing Your Blog with Dating Offers?

Online dating affiliate programs explained

Becoming a member of an online dating affiliate program is essentially building a relationship between you and another business. When you join you will be given a number of remuneration packages to choose from. This might be pay per sale (PPS), pay per click (PPC), or pay per lead (PPL). Each site will offer slightly different options. Once you’ve selected your package, the affiliate program will provide you with dating offers and links for you to promote across your blog and social sites in whatever way you choose. If your readers perform any of the actions required by your program, you will be paid for it. It’s as simple as that.

What’s the best way to earn money from dating offers?

Create great content

Content is, and always will be, king when it comes to making money online. You’re a blogger. You already know this. So, keep making great content. Weave your dating offers through your content without changing your style or forgetting what your readers want. It’s the perfect recipe for success.

Research your target audience

Not even the best blogger working with the best dating affiliate program in the world will make money if they don’t target the right audience. So, research. And you can do this is two ways:

  1. Find out who’s reading your content and research the kind of dating offers that would most appeal to them.
  2. Find the highest paying dating offers, and research the people they would appeal to. Either way, you need to really get to know who and what you’re working with.

Find the right traffic sources for your blog

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you probably already have a bunch of followers. But how do you find more? And how do you find the sort of followers who are likely to click on your affiliate network’s links? Take time to investigate the different traffic sources. And don’t forget the potential of the six best free traffic sources.

Work on your SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) may already be a priority for you. But it never hurts to give it extra attention. If your SEO is up to scratch, then followers will come to you. It’s as simple as that.  Organic search drives over ten times more website traffic than organic social media, and over 99% of all searchers click on one of the links in the first SERP. So, although it can be time-consuming, your SEO is worth every minute you can give it.

Try video content

82% of global internet traffic currently comes from streaming videos and downloads. Investing in making quality video content and ads is one of the quickest ways to secure results.

Working with an online dating affiliate isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s not about making money overnight – although it is possible to see results soon after posting your first dating offers. But if you take time to create great, targeted content, with good SEO, you’ll soon see the dollars rolling in.