Tips for Creating Better Marketing Videos for Dating Traffic 

If you’re looking to increase your dating traffic video ads have become one of the most useful tools for affiliate program members. They’re more accessible. They’re engaging. And it’s far easier for people to absorb the information. So, how can you use video to promote your dating offers and increase your dating traffic?

Four Things You Can Do to Create Better Marketing Videos for Dating Traffic 

1. Hook them in

Think about the last time you used YouTube or Facebook. Now think about the last ad that you watched for more than five seconds. What made you scroll past or hit the skip button? The chances are, it wasn’t because the topic wasn’t relevant to you. But more likely because you were bored. Although video is easier to view and imbibe than text, if there isn’t a quick and easy hook to draw your audience in, you’ll lose them. If you want to convert views into dating traffic, you need to hook them in right from the start.

2. Keep it snappy

When you’re promoting goods or services for an online affiliate program, you’ll usually have a lot to say. But video content and video ads are different beasts. So, it’s important to remember that that’s not what your ad is for. The longer your ad, the less likely people are to watch to the end. Which means the less likely people are to follow your links. So, make 30 seconds your absolute maximum cut-off. Unless your ad is taking the form of an interview or story.

3. Let people know what you’ve got to offer

What are you using your ad for? Do you want to promote your affiliate network’s products? Or are you trying to get dating traffic to your site, where you can build a relationship with them, and then convert their interest into sales? Take time to clarify your goals to yourself. Think about your messaging. Then be clear in your content. Tell your viewers what you’ve got to offer, and why they should give you their time.

4. Don’t forget a CTA.

This feeds on from number 3. As well as telling people what you can give them, you need to tell them what you want them to do. Your CTA (call to action) is your customer signpost. Without one, your success will be limited.

How to make video ads

The best way to create a video ad is to follow these five steps:

  • Choose your platform. The audience of each of the social media platforms is slightly different. They all want slightly different things. So, choose your platform and research your audience.
  • Choose a topic. Are you selling your pay per sale products, or are you trying to attract dating traffic to your site? Don’t try and mix the two. Select one subject. Research how that subject relates to your audience. And focus on the problems it can solve.
  • Create a script. Once you know what you want to talk about, take time to create, time, and refine a script. Even if you’re the king or queen of improvisation, the best results will come from planning.
  • Be creative. We’ve already established that audiences get bored really quickly. So, try to make your ad visually interesting, as well as verbally.
  • Check your video quality. If you want people to watch your ad, you need to be certain that the video quality is good enough on all screen types.

Video ads can be extremely effective for attracting dating traffic. And they can be used by almost anyone. The trick to making yours stand out is to focus on quality over quantity every time.