How Ethical Clickbait Could Get You More Dating Traffic

We talk a lot, on this blog, about the importance of credibility. For bloggers working with affiliate programs, credibility is absolutely key if you want to turn a profit. Because, without it, your audience will never trust you… Which may make you wonder why we’re talking about clickbait.

Let’s face it, clickbait has a terrible reputation. It’s sensationalist and skeezy. So, surely a blogger looking to enhance their authority would never use the tactic to gain more dating traffic? Well, that all depends upon how you actually use it. When skilfully deployed, clickbait can be both effective and valuable. You just need to know how to do it ethically.

How to Use Clickbait to Attract Dating Traffic

What is clickbait?

Clickbait is the use of sensationalist, shocking, over the top, or melodramatic headlines in order to attract attention. It can be used in any form of media, from video to printed material – just look at the tabloid newspapers for proof that it’s not just an online phenomenon. And its aim is to get people to want to know more. To hook them in. Which is obviously beneficial when you’re trying to boost your dating traffic.

Why does clickbait have a bad reputation?

The reason why clickbait isn’t generally associated with credibility is because when it became the norm online, people stopped following through. The screaming headlines bore no relevance to the published content. Users followed the links, only to feel cheated. Or to be gulled by misinformation and fake news. And that made the search engines crack down on the approach. With Google banning  “ads that use clickbait tactics or sensationalist text or imagery to drive traffic,” many affiliate program members stopped using the strategy. Which is a shame, because it can be a great way to bring in dating traffic… But only if it is used ethically.

How can you use clickbait ethically?

There are a number of things you can do to use clickbait for your dating traffic without falling foul of search engine regulations – or losing customers.

Be truthful

While you should feel free to use bold headlines – and when you’re promoting dating offers, there are plenty to be had – you must ensure that everything you say is honest. From the headline to the closing sentence.

Make your headline match your content

Tweaking the truth can be tempting when you want to catch your audience’s attention. But if a reader or viewer clicks a headline and doesn’t find what they’re looking for, you’ll lose them. And you’re unlikely to get them back.

Don’t go over the top

It’s possible to create functional clickbait without being sensationalist. Not only do search engines dislike lurid headlines, but the public now distrust them.

Play on your audience’s emotions

When you’re looking for dating traffic, you’ve got a lot of emotive language at your disposal. So, research power words suited to your niche. And use them in both your headlines and your content.

Deliver value

Both your headlines and your articles should always deliver value to your audience. Whether that’s through special promotions, information, or a free gift. If your audience can gain some value from your clickbait, they are far more likely to view it positively. 

Track your progress

Like any other marketing strategy, using clickbait should be monitored closely. So, use an analytics program to track your progress. If you’re not getting the interest you’d hoped for, change your strategy. Split testing is always a good idea if you want to achieve the best results.

When you’re working with an online dating affiliate, attracting dating traffic is essential to your success. And there are a whole range of ways that you can do it. Clickbait is just another of those tools. But, like all affiliate marketing strategies, you must use it wisely.