Why Credibility Matters When You’re Promoting Dating Offers

If you regularly work with affiliate programs, you may have noticed that credibility is frequently mentioned as a path to success. It has become a by-word for trust and authority. And according to some experts, it is the most important differentiator between affiliate marketers who succeed and those who fail. But why is it so important? And how can you increase your credibility to enhance the performance of your dating offers?

Understanding and Building Credibility When Working with Dating Offers

Why does credibility matter when you’re working with dating affiliate programs?

For a long time, affiliate marketing had a bad reputation. It was associated with bloggers saying anything to turn a quick buck. They’d promote dodgy products without knowledge or experience of them, creating doubt and mistrust of the industry. Fortunately, things have changed. As the public have become more savvy, affiliate program members have had to improve their practices. Now, if you want make money promoting dating offers, you actually have to learn about your subject area. And the more of an authority you become on the subject, the more credible you will become.

How can you increase your credibility?

There are a number of steps that you can take to increase your credibility and gain audience trust.

Focus on transparency

You can never build trust if you are not open with your audience. So, don’t hide the fact that you work with dating affiliate sites. Treat your dating offers as something to be proud of, not concealed. Decloak your links. Operate a policy of full disclosure. It seems counter intuitive, but it ultimately builds trust.

Focus on audience values

One of the easiest ways to build trust is to work out what really matters to your target audience, and to align your content and activity with those values.

Be honest

OK, so you want to promote dating offers and need to try to convert interest into sales. But that doesn’t mean that you have to inflate the value of the service you’re working with. So, avoid the common mistake of focusing on selling over product knowledge. If there are things your audience need to know about your dating offers – any limitations or fees or technical sticking points – don’t try to hide them. Sure, you might want to try and give them a positive spin, and that’s OK. But the important things is that you’re honest and acknowledge that the issues are there.

Behave ethically

So, we’ve already mentioned honesty. But there’s also the matter of ethical behaviour. So, don’t spam your followers or sell their data. Regularly review your mailing list and ensure you have an opt-out for people who no longer want to hear from you. And try to work with brands and products that you trust and are happy to promote.

Dating is known as an evergreen affiliate vertical. There will always be a market for dating offers because there will always be people looking for love. But that makes trust and credibility even more important. Because in providing advice, you hold the power to dramatically influence people’s lives. Dating is about as personal as it gets. So, if you want your audience to trust you, you need to take the time to become an authority on the subject. To build that trust. To become a credible source of information. Otherwise, all your content, your pay per sale ads, and your dating offers will be lost amongst the more reputable affiliate promoters.