Using Trust to Grow Your Online Dating Affiliate Income

Joining an online dating affiliate program can be an incredible way to monetize your website. Affiliate partnership programs have huge potential to generate income through little more than a carefully placed advertisement. It seems like easy money – and it really can be – but many people never quite reach their full potential. Why? Because they’ve not taken the time to build their visitor’s trust.

Why does trust matter? Because when you’re working with any online affiliate program your revenue stream partly depends upon other people taking your advice or following your recommendations. And if they don’t trust you, that’s never going to happen. So, how can you build your credibility and become a trusted source for your visitors?

5 Steps for Building Visitor Trust to Generate Traffic for your Online Dating Affiliate Program

Create the Right Impression

On the web as in life, first impressions count. If your website looks like a fly-by-night, then nobody will ever take you seriously. If nobody takes you seriously, the likelihood of you building an income through working with an online affiliate is slim to none. Even if it’s simple, your website should be attractive, easy to navigate, and most importantly, honest and open. Let people know who you are, what you’re doing, and why. If you work with reviews or are writing blogs, tell the truth. If you’re selling products, make sure that they’re of a reasonable standard. If you’re selling services, don’t ask for an upfront fee.

Be Consistent

Familiarity often breeds trust. Whether you’re working simply on social media or via a website, if you regularly disappear for unexpected periods, then you will lose trust. By posting regularly and consistently updating your website, your visitors will feel reassured that you’re there for the long-haul and can be relied upon. While you may occasionally generate pay per sale revenue from first-time visitors, it’s the long-term customer who will deliver your bread and butter.

Let People Know You’re There

This leads on from the above point. Consistency leads to trust, but only if it’s seen. With so very many social media options available, there is no excuse for not exposing your business to the public and engaging with them. By making your company seen, you are firstly opening up the door to a whole new potential audience/customer base – and the more visitors you get the greater the likelihood that some will click on your online dating affiliate links. You are secondly reminding your existing visitors that you are there and have something interesting to say. Both points can enhance your income.

Web Security

This is an obvious one, but if your website flags up as a security risk, anyone with any kind of antivirus suite (which is most people) will avoid it. If you can, get yourself a HPTTS leader for your website (this is vital if you expect people to give you personal details directly). If you can’t, make sure that all of your links are secure. If you are unable to offer customer security, your online venture will fail.

The Pyramid of Trust

The Pyramid of Trust is a business model which guides you through the stages of customer relationship building. The stages take you through zero trust, right up to a willingness to commit to repeat business after you’ve proved yourself worthy. To work through these stages, you don’t need to be selling something, you simply need a customer interface. This could be a website or a social media platform. Either way, you need to reach a level where your customers want to keep coming back for more. Once you’ve reached this stage, your visitors will trust you enough to follow your advice and take your recommendations. And that’s when your online dating affiliate links will start to generate revenue.