Money from Love: Making Money from Dating Affiliate Programs Without a Blog or Website

Dating affiliate programs have become one of the most popular ways for individuals to make money from their websites. But here’s a question: how can you make joining an online dating affiliate work for you, if you don’t have a blog or website? Surely, that’s not possible?

Well, actually, it is.

If you want to build a long-term income from affiliate programs, then a website or blog is eventually going to have to be on your agenda. However, if you want to find out what dating affiliate programs are all about before putting in the effort to build a permanent base, then there are things that you can do to test the water and get the money rolling in.

Social Media

The beauty of social media today is that you can easily choose a format of expression to suit your skills: written word; video posts, still images; or a combination of all three if you’re serious about pushing your affiliate message.

Let’s take Facebook as an example. To begin, all you need to do is create a fan page associated with your dating affiliate’s subject. Two minute’s work. That done, you just need to start writing [preferably] interesting posts, which include your affiliate link. Update it regularly. Make the posts funny, or heart-warming, or otherwise engaging. Find a way to express your individual voice, and you have all the benefits of a blog with none of the technical or fiscal requirements.

YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, the approach is the same. You just need to tweak to feed the format.


Forums can be another useful platform for spreading your dating affiliate program message, but you need to be careful not to spam. All the reputable sites employ modulators to remove overtly promotional material. However, if you establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field, it’s easy enough to target individual groups in the form of question answering. If you choose the right platform, hundreds, if not thousands, of people will see your post.


Arguably, creating an ebook is just as much work as creating a blog or website. BUT, if you’re working on an ebook anyway, then you may as well make it work a little bit harder for you. The thing to remember here, though, is just like with blogs and webpages, you won’t get anywhere if your book is just a means to get from one affiliate network link to the next. Your text needs to be clear, informative, easy to read and, ideally, entertaining. That way it’s more likely to be shared widely and you’re more likely to increase your revenue through interest in your dating affiliate program’s links.

Online dating has now reached an annual revenue in excess of $3 billion. Why? Because almost everyone will find themselves looking for love at one time or another. If you have an interest and are able to speak with authority on the topic, and are prepared to research effective affiliate marketing strategies, then you can make joining a dating affiliate program work for you. Whether you have a blog or website, or not.