Mistakes You Should Avoid When Working with an Affiliate Program

affiliate program

Working with any affiliate program can be an easy revenue stream for anyone with a blog or website. It’s simple to do. It can almost become a passive income once you’ve put in the initial work. But it’s not without its potholes. There are lots of easily made mistakes. And they can all impact the success of your venture. So, what mistakes should you be avoiding when working with an affiliate program?

The Five Most Common Mistakes Made by Affiliate Program Members

Focussing on selling

The reason you joined an affiliate program was to make money. So, understandably, it’s very easy for that to become your core focus. But there are very few people who want to be sold to. Especially by a blogger. People read blogs and other online content for advice and entertainment. So, that’s where you have to concentrate. If you can build a rapport with your audience and create trust, then you are much more likely to convert that interest into sales.

Not understanding your products

If you’re going to follow someone’s advice online, you expect them to be an authority. So, if you’re working with a pay per signup dating site, you need to know exactly what the customer experience will be. You need to know the positives and the negatives. The processes – what the customer will see and do when they sign up. Any extra fees. Any perks. And ideally, be able to talk about your own experiences on the site. That way, you can be authentic and provide first-hand information.

Forgetting about site speed

One of the main reasons for audience drop off is poor site speed. Most people will wait no more than three seconds for a page to open before giving up and going elsewhere. Which means that your dating traffic will simply bounce away and your dating offers won’t be clicked. And that means that your affiliate income will never reach its potential.

Neglecting your content

Content creation should be the number one priority for any online affiliate program member. Whether it’s video, photo, audio, or written content. You need to aim for a blend of topical and evergreen subjects. It should be shareable. It should be easily readable, in terms of language and format. And you need to produce new content regularly to improve your search engine ranking and attract more traffic.

Ignoring technical SEO

You may go into blog creation knowing about the importance of content-related SEO. But what about technical SEO? Site accessibility, speed, security, and your XML sitemap are all just as important as keywords, formatting, and original content. When your technical SEO is lacking, you will struggle to increase your domain authority. Which means that you won’t get your site seen on search engines.

Working with an affiliate program is always presented as an easy online money-making option. And it can be. It’s something you can do from home – from anywhere. And it’s certainly easier than setting up an ecommerce platform. But you do have to get it right if it’s going to generate money. And while these five errors can seem like little things alone. When you add them together, they can seriously impact the success of your affiliate program work.