How to use Title Tags for Dating Traffic

Organic search can be one of the best and most cost-effective means for affiliate program members to reach their audience. It’s free, and it’s kind of passive, a bi-product of your digital work. But for it to be truly effective, you need to put in the work to make sure that your SEO is as efficient as possible. And one of the elements of SEO that frequently gets overlooked is title tags. They may not be exciting, but they are viewed as ‘the second most important on-page factor for SEO.’ And that means that taking the time to get your title tags right is very much worth the effort.

Understanding Title Tags for Dating Traffic

What are title tags?

Title tags are an element of HTML which denote the title of a web page. They are used in SEO and are usually displayed as part of search results. They are descriptive, informative, and short. The aim is to create a description of your page that both search bots and people will find useful.

What do you need to know to create strong title tags?

If you’re working with a dating affiliate network, your title tags should include keywords that will attract dating traffic. But there are other elements to consider.

  • Length – Title tags should be 50 – 60 characters in length.
  • Relevance – Like your blog titles, your title tags should be relevant to your audience. So, if you’re promoting dating offers, create title tags that reflect the search intent of your audience.
  • Value – Title tags need to suggest value to your audience. They should promise to deliver something your audience wants to know.
  • Emotive – Title tags should inspire action in your audience. By choosing words that appeal to them on an emotional level, you’re encouraging them to want to find out more.

How do you apply title tags?

The answer to this is a little more complicated. And the answer depends on how you host and manage your website. If you work with your own bespoke website and can code, you can work with your HTML directly. Anyone working with a content management system (CMS) will usually be able to find extensions such as Yoast to manage title tags. If you’re not sure, it can be worth getting in touch with your host for advice.

Do you have to use title tags?

Short answer, no. Long answer, if you’re working with an online dating affiliate, your success rests on being able to attract dating traffic. While your paid social media advertising may be enough for you, the better your SEO, the better your organic traffic will be. And this will ultimately impact your revenue. If you don’t produce your own title tags, Google will create some for you. But this isn’t the case for all search engines. And you will likely achieve better results if you work on creating bespoke title tags for your work.

There are so many different elements that make up SEO. And the focus for most people is content. But while content is undeniably important, the behind the scenes details matter too. So, if you want to do one thing to boost your SEO and dating traffic performance, take a little time to look at your title tags.