Could Localization Help with Your Affiliate Program Earning Strategy?

When you’re working with an affiliate program to generate a new income stream, the temptation is to reach as wide an audience as possible. You’ll throw your net as far as you can and hope to scoop up a few big fish along with the tiddlers. But localization takes a different approach. Working on the theory that bespoke content for a niche sector has the potential to deliver greater gains.

What is Localization, and Could it Help with Your Affiliate Program Earning Strategy?

What is localization?

Localization is essentially tailoring your content and marketing materials to directly appeal to a fixed audience. Take dating affiliate programs for example. An international dating website has the potential to attract customers from literally anywhere. And this attracts a lot of affiliate program members. Because they can throw their marketing nets wide. But that’s not always the best way to get your dating offers seen. Because the content you create for your American audience won’t necessarily gel well with a British one. And will almost certainly miss the mark with German, Italian, and other non-English language speakers.

Instead, localization would see you adapting your content. Making it resonate entirely with one single part of that global audience. It doesn’t have to be the audience local to you. You could live in Michigan and target potential customers in Barcelona. But you would need to ensure that the content works for the Spanish demographic.

Is localization beneficial for affiliate program members?

Localization can bring a number of benefits for anyone working with affiliate programs.

Firstly, it’s about giving your customers what they want. If you are trying to attract dating traffic for a pay-per-signup dating site, you need your audience to see that what you are saying is relevant to them. You also need to build trust. And localization is great for both of these things.

Secondly, the localization approach is a fantastic way of getting ahead of the competition. A lot of people still use the blanket approach to affiliate content. And it can work. But if you put in the time and effort to create exclusive blog posts for each of your intended markets, you’ll see greater rewards. Partly because it will boost your SEO in the process.

How to use localization for affiliate program content?

1. Be aware of cultural differences

One of the major problems with blanket marketing is that it fails to take into account cultural differences. Phrases and actions that are run of the mill in one country may be considered deeply offensive in another. Understanding what may upset your audience is as vital as understanding what may appeal.

2. Be accurate

Accuracy is really important if you want to create a sense of legitimacy. Whether it’s the truthfulness of your content. Or the exactness of your interpretation when converting your copy into another language. If you get either wrong, you will lose the authenticity and sincerity your customers need. You will also lose their trust.

3. Research the channels that work in your target market

Just as each country has its own culture(s), each market favors different channels. Facebook, for example, is massive in the UK. But in China, very few people can access it.  And different search engines are favored too. So, do your research thoroughly before investing your money and your time.

When you’re working with affiliate programs the trends are always changing. There is always something new to learn, see, or do. But few hold the potential of localization. Which has all key principles of the affiliate enterprise at its core.