How to Optimize Your Blog for Voice Search to Increase Dating Traffic

If you’re looking for new ways to increase your dating traffic, voice search optimization can’t be ignored. With more and more people using mobile devices and home assistants to look for information, voice searches have grown dramatically in the last two years. And in fact, voice is expected to be a $40 billion channel by 2022. So, understanding how to use voice search could be an integral weapon in your marketing arsenal.

Tips for Using Voice Search to Increase Your Dating Traffic

Understand the importance of tone

If you’re planning on integrating voice search into your marketing strategy, you first need to understand it. And the primary difference between voice and screen searches is tone. Voice search is characterized by a more natural tone. We ask full questions rather than typing in keywords. So, when you’re creating your copy for your affiliate program dating offers, you need to keep this in mind. Think about your tone. Keep it conversational. And imagine the questions your audience might ask to find it.

Work on your long-tail key words

If you’re a dating affiliate network member, you’re probably familiar with most of the tricks of SEO. And working with keywords will be almost second nature. But because voice search relies on conversational speech, usually led by questions, long-tail keywords become more important. So, return to those potential audience questions. Research them. Rephrase them in as many ways as you can manage. And then work them into your copy.

Create content that ‘bots can easily scan

Whether you’re looking for dating traffic or trying to promote a business, it’s really important that your copy is easily scannable. It should be readable. With short sentences. Simple language. And short paragraphs. Use headers to help your readers – and bots – to find their way. And avoid the use of pop-ups, which can complicate the scanning process.

Understand what you’re working with

Reading tips on how to optimize your blog for voice search is great. But all the advice in the world will be good for nothing if you don’t understand the platforms you’re trying to engage through. Whether it’s Siri, Google, Alexa, or Cortana, each platform has its own way of working. It pays to get to know the platforms and their interface before investing in getting your content voice search ready. It’s also worth knowing that Google has published quality guidelines for voice search, which could save you time in the long run.

Consider FAQs

This won’t always be a viable option for bloggers. But FAQs pages are the perfect way to prepare for voice search. Using tools like Google Search Console can show you exactly what your audience wants to know. With a frequently asked questions page you can provide the answers. Quickly. Simply. And in the perfect question and answer format. Ready for whatever the voice searchers throw at you!

When you work with affiliate networks, you quickly learn how rapidly processes and technology evolve. The trends of 2022 may not even have been thought of a few years ago. And may be forgotten about a few years hence. But to stay on top of your game, attract dating traffic, and earn money from your efforts, you have to evolve too. And right now, voice search is the way forward.