How to Use TikTok Ads to Get More Dating Traffic

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) can be a really useful tool for attracting dating traffic. It gets your content in front of the right people at the right time. Enabling you to better promote your dating offers. And earn more from your online dating affiliate. But your earning potential can be dramatically impacted by how you use each PPC platform. So, how can you make TikTok ads work for you?

The Do’s and Don’ts of TikTok Ads for Dating Traffic


Think about your creatives

If TikTok doesn’t think the creative value of your ads is high enough, it won’t show them. Or, it may show them, but charge you more for doing so. So, it’s really worthwhile to spend time getting your ads right before publishing. Think about content, format, size, and value.

Take care with targeting

One of the main reasons why PPC ads don’t deliver is poor targeting. Although all social media platforms provide you with targeting tools, it can still be really hard to get right. So, research your target market. Make sure you really know who you want to see the ads. Then use TikTok’s targeting tools and audience size barometer to work out if you’re reaching the right people. But keep a close eye on your results. If you are receiving poor user engagement, try tweaking with your targeting.

Be careful with your bidding

On TikTok, the amount you bid for your PPC ad dictates where, when, and who it will be shown to. If you don’t bid enough, your ad won’t be shown in the best places. But if you bid too much, you’ll find that you spend your full budget extremely quickly. So, pay attention to your spend in the first few days. You may find that selecting the ‘cost cap’ option can help you find the best bid price to make your budget go further.


Ignore negative user engagement

If people are reacting badly to your ads or content, you might think about simply turning off comments. But this is likely to backfire. If TikTok’s algorithm detects that you are receiving negative feedback or complaints are being made, your ad will be withdrawn. It also risks reflecting negativity on to the affiliate program you’re working with. But if you listen to feedback and engage with the people who comment, you have a chance to change a negative into a positive.

Run out of cash

Your TikTok ad will only remain active while you have the budget to pay for it. Annoyingly, if you run out of cash before you are ready, you’ll go back to the beginning of your advertising campaign. TikTok’s algorithms will need to return to the learning phase, and reassess ad placement, and you can lose valuable time and influence.  So, stay aware of your balance as you go along.

When you’re seeking to attract dating traffic for an online affiliate program, social media can be one of your best potential avenues. It helps you to build a following, gain authority, and simply get your pay per sale products and services seen. But it’s important to treat every platform like a new beginning. Start from scratch. Follow that learning curve. And take your time. That way, you’ll get the best possible results, with the minimum possible mistakes.