Everything You Need to Know About Retargeting for Affiliate Program Marketing

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When you’re working with any affiliate program, you’re always looking for new ways and new tools to secure audience interaction.  Remarketing is probably the most effective tactic that you’ve heard of but never tried. So, what do you need to know?

How to Use Retargeting for Affiliate Program Marketing

What is retargeting?

In short, retargeting is creating ads directed at people who have already shown interest in your posts, site or offers. It can be used in almost any online space, from search engines to social media. And it acts as a little reminder. Because just because someone hasn’t taken advantage of your dating offers yet, doesn’t mean that they’re not going to.

So, how can you use retargeting to not only reconnect with potentially interested viewers, but convert them into valuable pay per sale clicks?

Understanding retargeting

Before you do anything else, you need to understand which type of retargeting might work for you.

Pixel-based retargeting

Pixel-based retargeting is basically a way of getting your ads seen by anyone who has already visited your website. A special piece of code is placed on your website. This installs cookies on visitors’ browsers, which then triggers ads for your website when your visitor moves on elsewhere. There are numerous retargeting platforms you can work with for this. The main drawback here is that pixel-based retargeting cannot be personalised.

List-based retargeting

If you have a mailing list, you can also employ list-based retargeting. This lets you display ads to social media users. You just need to upload your mailing list to your chosen platform, and your ad will be displayed within in the user’s feeds. Facebook, is the most common platform choice when working with dating affiliate programs.

Tips to achieve the best retargeting campaign

Personalise your ads

Ad personalisation is always a good idea. But if you’re trying to attract dating traffic, it’s doubly important because dating really is a personal matter. So, do some customer research before you start your campaign. Split your mailing lists and campaign targets into groups. And try to tailor your copy so that it appeals to each individual section of your audience.

Consider working with Google Match

Google Customer Match is currently know to present the highest conversion rate of all retargeting platforms. It’s slightly more expensive than the likes of Facebook and Twitter, but that’s because it’s also more accurate and has a wider reach.

Limit your retargeting

That sounds counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? Surely the more someone sees your ad the more likely they are to click it? Wrong. You could have the best affiliate program offers around, but if you keep ramming them in people’s faces, you’re going to start annoying them. And the more annoyed people become, the more likely they are to block your ads. And that’s certainly not helpful when you’re working with a pay per signup dating site. So, show previous visitors your ads, but don’t show them every single time they logon. And if they’ve revisited your site, make sure that your ads don’t keep following them.

You have so many opportunities to engage with your audience when you’re working with affiliate programs. And there are some really excellent ways to boost your conversion rates available. Retargeting can seem tricky to start with, that’s why so many people don’t bother. But once you’ve worked out how to do it, it can provide an incredible boost to your income. So, if you have a few minutes spare, do some research and give it a whirl. You bank balance will thank you!