Do You Have to Invest in Expensive Online Courses to Make Money from Affiliate Programs?


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One of the biggest misconceptions about working with affiliate programs is that you have to spend a small fortune on online courses to find out how to do it. You search the internet and are confronted with all these lists of things you *need* to know. And then all the courses that will miraculously provide you with the information you need to get started… for a couple of hundred dollars a pop. But when you get to the end of one course, you’ll usually find out that you need to spend even more to get the first bit of information you were after. And so it goes, until you’re hundreds of dollars poorer and only marginally wiser.

That’s not to say that buying online courses can’t be a good way of getting to know how to work with an internet marketing affiliate program. And there are some really great paid-for courses out there. But the thing to remember is that there are plenty of ways to get the information you need for free too. Whether you’re working with dating affiliate sites or other forms of affiliate networks, the information you need is always the same. And you can find what you need for free.

Five of the Best Free Affiliate Program Training Packages

Miles Beckler is one of those internet phenomena that anyone wanting to earn money online aspires to be. He wasn’t an overnight success. He’s had his share of trial and error. But it all paid off and now he’s making the sort of money that most of us only dream of. And he’s made everything he’s learned along the way available for others in a free online course. The course covers everything from choosing your niche and how to start a blog, to the best ways to drive traffic.


Offering more than 50 classes on the various aspects of working with affiliate programs, Skillshare guides you through affiliate business creation. The best thing about this site is that lessons are separated into difficulty level, so you select an area suited to your understanding. Then work through the courses as you grow.

Charles Ngo started his online business right out of college. Ngo’s remit is pretty diverse. He has worked on a whole host of online ventures. And he offers a fantastic range of free courses, including one focusing on how to work with an affiliate partnership program. He provides ebooks, cheats sheets and structured lessons.

Spencer is the guy behind Buildapreneur. He makes his living working fulltime with top affiliate programs. But his fulltime probably doesn’t resemble yours. Given that he spends half his time at the beach and some of the rest of it in a hammock! He does offer a paid-for course, coming in at almost $900. But he also provides a series of free courses covering some of the nitty-gritty, from using messenger bots to creating sales funnels.

This is another site offering a comprehensive paid-for training course. BUT, it does have free introductory lessons available too. Of course, they’re hoping that once you’ve worked through the free stuff, you’ll take the bait and sign up for the real deal. But once you’ve found out what you need to begin, it’s easy enough to Google the answers to your remaining questions… Mainly because you’ll know what questions you need to ask to succeed!

Working with affiliate programs does require some investment in the long run. Even those working on a shoestring budget will eventually need to pay for website hosting, advertising, or expert support – maybe freelance coders or copywriters. But to get started, you really don’t need to spend your entire budget on training. These are just a few of the free courses available. Then you have resources like this blog, where you can find no end of hints and tips on how to get the best from your affiliate experience. So, the lesson is: look before you leap. And Google the alternatives before paying for lessons that you probably don’t need!