How to use Valentine’s Day to Boost Your Online Dating Affiliate Income

Holidays are always great for affiliate marketers. They give you structure and focus. And they make your readers more receptive to your offers. But if you’re working with an online dating affiliate, then Valentine’s Day has to be your biggest hitter. With love hearts, gifts and romance peppering every high street and filling every retail outlet, even if you think that it’s a giant commercial swizz, it’s hard to be single on February 14th. Joining a dating website can help take some of the sting out of that scenario, replacing longing with hope. So, how can you use that to fill your affiliate coffers?

Five Tips for Promoting Your Valentine’s Affiliate Offers

1. Know your goals

OK, so that might sound a bit strange. Of course, you know what your goals are for your campaign – you want to make money. Duh! But, actually, having a goal can focus you and make your campaigns more successful. So, try to give yourself a little more structure and create a series of campaign goals: 2% conversion rate increase. 5% new customer acquisition increase. Overall sales goal. If you know what you’re aiming for, you know how to measure your performance and know whether it’s worth pursuing this avenue going forward.

2. Plan your strategy

People Google all sorts of things in the run-up to Valentine’s Day. From gift guides to ‘how to be single’. And the great thing is that you can use all of them in your promotions. Although the Valentine’s concept is inherently romantic, it can be used for expressing self-love. So, choose your angle, choose your platform/s, then plan how you’re going to get the best from your online dating affiliate promotions.

3. Personalize your campaigns

The best way to find success with any affiliate program work is to fully target your campaigns. And this doesn’t just mean researching your demographics and creating content. But to micro-organize your mailing list and your advertising. Dating traffic can come from anywhere. Dating offers will appeal to a huge range of people. But your content will only convert into clicks if you get the right content to the right people.

4. Spread the word

When you’re working with an online dating affiliate, it’s sometimes important to remind yourself that those pay per sale conversions are only going to happen if you can get your content seen. This means, working across multiple platforms. So, use everything that’s available to you: your blog or website. Facebook (Facebook is a great way to target content). Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. Ebooks. Podcasts. Vlogs. Every additional platform you can successfully create content for, increases your earnings potential.

5. Find out what works for your online dating affiliate

During – or after – campaigns, most platforms will provide valuable data for you to work with. Split testing can take time, but if you can see what does and doesn’t work for your audience, you’ll know what tactics to use next time round. And the beautiful thing about working with affiliate programs is that everything is a learning experience – as long as you use the data you’re given. Which means that, in theory, with every campaign you should have a little bit more success. And earn a little bit more cash.

In any kind of business, you have to use all the tools available to you if you want to succeed. Whether that means exploring free advertising options, or making the most of holidays. So, time’s ticking. Valentine’s Day really isn’t far away, so you need to get moving NOW!