How to Create Killer Email Marketing Subject Lines for Your Dating Offers

So, you’ve decided to use email marketing to promote your affiliate program dating offers. Great move. Email marketing can be a really useful tool for driving traffic towards those pay per sale clicks. But email marketing is only effective if you can first get people to open your messages. And to do that, you need killer subject lines.

So, what are the rules for creating subject lines for emails that people want to open?

How to Create Email Subject Lines for Dating Offers

1. Keep it short

Many email inboxes have a 60-character preview limit for subject lines. Fewer on mobile devices. If you want your full message to be seen at a glance, keep it short and sweet and to the point. Try something like:

  • Open for top new dating offers
  • My five worst online dating mistakes
  • 10 tips for creating the best dating profile

2. Keep it relevant

If you’re working with affiliate networks to monetize a blog or build an online income, you’ll probably already know the importance of keyword research. You’ll know that using certain words will enhance your SEO and help readers find you. The same premise applies to email marketing. The only difference is, here, you have a waiting audience. You just need to find relevant keywords to get them to open your emails.

3. Keep it simple

People don’t want to have to solve a riddle before deciding if they should open their emails. It’s tempting to try to be clever or funny with your subject lines if you send a lot of emails. But you’ll likely find that your open rates drop off the more abstruse your subject lines become.

4. Make sure recipients know messages are from you

It’s easily done, but when setting up outgoing email, make sure that you don’t forget to include your recognisable brand name. People are far more likely to open unexpected messages from someone they know. So, use your blog name rather than your own name when mailing out.

5. Avoid the spam bots

These days, ISPs have really sophisticated security features to combat spam. While this can be daunting when you first begin email marketing, it’s actually a good thing because people are more confident about opening the messages they actually want. But it does mean that you have to be careful to avoid spam triggers. These include:

  • Salesy language: free, limited offer, exclusive, sale
  • Too many exclamation marks or other @%%?>?$? punctuation marks!!!!!!

6. Use a call to action in your subject lines

A good example of this can be found in point one: Open for top new dating offers. You can also use your subject lines to tell your audience what you want them to do within your email: Checkout my latest dating blog.

7. Personalise your subject lines

By this, we don’t mean create something unique for every person on your mailing list. But take the time to separate your mailing list into groups – male, female, heterosexual, LGBTQ, age group – so you can tailor your subject lines – and your content – according to each demographic. This can significantly impact upon your dating traffic.

8. Don’t mislead

Using misleading subject lines will immediately lose your reader’s trust. Do that and they’ll not only stop opening your emails, but they’ll probably unsubscribe. They may even report your messages as spam, which is the last thing you want to happen.

9.Test your subjects

Split testing is the number one thing you can do to make sure that you get the best results from any marketing stratagem. Send different headings within each group and see which gets the highest open rate. Use the results to shape your future correspondence. Then test again. And again.

Email marketing can be invaluable when you’re working with affiliate programs. It’s a really handy way to get your dating offers seen by people you know are already interested. And that dramatically increases your chances of getting your links clicked and your commission earned. By not taking the time to get your subject lines right, you are wasting a huge amount of potential. So, rethink your email strategy today.