How to Find Low Competition Keyword Phrases for Pay Per Sale Dating Promotions

We’ve talked before about the importance of SEO when working online. But one of the things that most people struggle with is competition. Unless you’re working in an incredibly niche market, you will have competition. And you can be pretty sure that with any pay per sale affiliate program, your competition will be high. That means that all the most popular keywords will be at saturation point. The phrase ‘online dating’, for example, will be so heavily used that no one new to the market will stand a chance of ranking with it. So, what do you do?

Don’t Try to Compete

It’s probably counter-intuitive, but the worst thing you can do if you want to succeed is to try to compete with the big boys. You wouldn’t challenge Garry Kasparov to a game of chess, or Usain Bolt to a 100m dash. Well, not unless you wanted to experience being embarrassingly beaten. Using the same keywords and phrases as the million-dollar corporations – and all their top-ranking competitors – is just the same deal. There’s an infinitesimally small chance that you’ll succeed. But that chance will massively increase if you follow your own path. Even a beginner can become high-ranking if they find the right keyword phrases.

This should help you do that.

Three Tips for Finding Low Difficulty Low Competition Keywords for Pay Per Sale Promotions

1. Talk to Your Audience

The easiest way to find keywords that will get you click throughs for your online dating affiliate is to talk to the people you’ve already attracted. And those who you would like to attract. Online surveys are a great way to foster customer interaction while gathering vital information. So, find out how your followers found you. Ask what they want from you. The likelihood is that they’ll use the words that they would put in a search engine when looking for your kind of platform. Use these to sculpt your SEO.

2. Look at the Language Used Online

Looking at forums and social media is a good way to find out the type of language used by your demographic. This is especially useful for finding keyword phrases. If you’re trying to attract dating traffic, you’ll probably find that your potential audience has a lot of questions: What do I need to do to start online dating? How does overseas online dating work? Find out what people want to know. Then supply the answers in your SEO. 

3. Stay Relevant

It’s really easy to go off-piste when you’re trying to think outside the box. The problem is that if you become too inventive, or get too off-topic you will lose relevance. And more than anything else, your keywords need to be relevant. If they’re not, you stand no chance of getting those pay per sale links as you’ll be attracting the wrong sort of audience.

Perhaps this sounds like a lot of effort. After all, you’re probably getting a small trickle of traffic with your existing over-used keywords. And there are many useful keyword finding tools if you’re working in a less popular niche. But the thing to remember is that the whole reason you’ve joined an online dating affiliate is to gain revenue. And the only way to earn a living through pay per sale dating offers is to generate a high conversion rate. There are no magic bullets for this. No one-size-fits-all solutions. But finding a strong set of keywords and phrases that the big players are yet to use is a great way to give yourself an advantage.