10 Tips to Guarantee Online Dating Affiliate Marketing Conversion

Whenever anyone talks about making a success of working with an online dating affiliate program, some of the first advice is on boosting traffic to your site. But what do you do if you’ve got the traffic but not the lead conversion? You could have killer content, attracting visitors from everywhere. The problem is that that counts for nothing if you can’t convert those visits into sales.

So, these are our top tips for converting website traffic into hard cash through content optimization.

Make Your Copy Powerful

By using power words – sale, off, now, new – you are more likely to attract your reader’s attention. Conversely, over-used words – hurry, ground-breaking, final – tend to deter.

Become a Voice of Authority

This can be hard, but if you want to make money from affiliate programs, you need to make yourself an authority on the subject you’re promoting. So, only post the truth. Don’t speculate. Back up statements with demonstrable facts – unless they’re personal opinions, in which case, make that clear. Go into detail and be specific. Use numbers.

Use Testimonials

This ties into the previous point. The people who make up dating traffic are looking for positivity. When promoting the business behind your online dating affiliate, using testimonials of success can boost conversion rates significantly – everyone likes a happy ending.

Use Colours

Different colours promote different emotions. Yellow – happiness and positivity. Red – urgency (or danger and anger). Blue – trust. Green – calm. Men are more attracted to bright colours, while women prefer softer shades. Research the colour profile of your demographic and the message you want to promote, and you’ll already be half way there. Don’t go overboard though, keep your text black on white, as it’s the easiest format to read.

Words and Pictures

If a picture speaks a thousand words, imagine what an infographic can do! Create infographics to display the message of your online dating affiliate. Capture your visitor’s imagination with bite-sized, scannable chunks. If they want literature, they’ll read a book. You’re their to briefly inform and entertain.

Moving Pictures

Likewise, use multimedia. Some visitors don’t want to read; they’d rather imbibe info effortlessly through video. Others don’t have the patience to watch a video and would prefer to scan through text. Multimedia caters to both markets, boosting your dating traffic.

Sales Funnels and Landing Pages

A lot of businesses working with affiliate partnership programs will swear by a sales funnel, but it doesn’t work for every niche. In some areas it’s better to be straight to the point. And in all areas, it’s good to remember that the harder you get your customer to work, the more likely they are to drop out. In some instances, the work you do in your blog will be your text funnel. The important thing to remember is that you need to get the information across as quickly as possible, without shouting ‘give me your money!’

Test Your Strategy

The only way you can tell if your marketing strategy is fully working for you, is to test it. Use an analytics program and run a split test, funneling your visitors in two different directions. See which one generates the best results.

Courtesy and Feedback

Talk to your visitors with respect. Say thank you from time to time with special offers and competitions, and don’t forget to ask for their opinions. Without reader feedback, you’ll never know if you’re giving them what they want.

Analyze Your Data

Finally, use all the data that you’ve got available to you. Not just spilt testing, but where your traffic is coming from, what appeals to your demographic, which posts are getting the most hits, and if each visitor is unique or repeat – try to find ways to increase return visits.

Online dating affiliates can provide a considerable source of income. As a host, it’s your job to optimize your content and increase your conversion rates. Do that, and you’ll soon see the growth of your return.