How Interactive Content Can Help Promote Your Dating Offers

It sometimes feels like every day brings a new list of dos and don’ts for if you want to get ahead online. Do this to improve your on-page SEO. Don’t do that, if you want to build customer loyalty. It can all seem a bit overwhelming. But if you’re looking for just one new way to promote your dating offers and get your pay per sale links clicked, it’s interactive content.

Everything You Need to Know About Using Interactive Content to Promote Dating Offers

What is interactive content?

Simply put, interactive content is anything that your site visitors have to actively engage with, rather than simply reading it. So, that could be a quiz, questionnaire, puzzle, calculator, video, or even an infographic.

It’s a bit like when you were at school. Remember those lessons where you had to simply sit and read a textbook. And then compare them to the ones where you were conducting chemistry experiments, acting out scenes by Shakespeare, or learning about Geography by getting out and seeing the land. Which style of teaching most engaged you? The same thing applies online. If you can get your readers involved, they’re more likely to remember, revisit, and engage with your dating offers.

How interactive content can help when you’re working with affiliate networks

According to recent research, video constitutes 50% of all mobile traffic and 90% of Internet traffic. And that is because while 80% of online visitors will watch a video, only 20% will read the content. Once you understand this, the ramifications of relying on text-only content become clear.

So, what are the potential benefits of using interactive content to attract dating traffic?

  1. You’ll actually reach your audience. All that time and effort you’ve put into content creation will not be wasted because people will be engaging with what you’ve made.
  2. You’ll be able to capture more data. And this means that you’ll better understand your audience. You’ll have more opportunity to engage with them. You can fully tailor your marketing campaigns. And, ultimately, you’ll be in a better position to promote your dating offers and earn more money from them.
  3. You can enhance your reputation. We’ve mentioned on here before, how important your reputation is. If you’re working with an online affiliate program and need people to click on your links to generate income for you, you need to gain their trust. By creating interactive content that people look forward to engaging with, you’re building your reputation and becoming a trusted figure.

What sort of interactive content can I use for dating offers?

  • Quizzes. Whether you’re asking, ‘what kind of dater are you?’ or getting readers to reveal their inner superhero, people love quizzes.
  • Infographics. The internet is in love with the infographic right now, and it can be a fun way to get information out there. And, importantly, to get people to engage with it.
  • Surveys. Surveys and polls are a really good way to learn more about your followers, gain insights into your business (what do people like about what you’re doing? What would they like you to change?), and get readers to engage.
  • Giveaways. Everyone likes a freebie. Whether you offer a tangible prize, like a hamper, or negotiate some credit to give away on behalf of your dating affiliate network, giveaways always help to increase reader engagement.
  • Video content. This takes us back to that 80% of viewers. People are much more likely to watch video content than read a full article. So, maybe try doing both.
  • Ebooks and white papers. This is probably the most time-consuming option, but if you have enough to say about dating to create an interactive white paper or ebook, then it can be a great way to engage with your audience.

You only have to spend five minutes looking around the internet or social media to see how prevalent interactive content has become. And it’s prevalent because it works. It delivers results. So, if you’re looking for new ways to get your readers to engage with your dating offers, interactive content is very much worth considering.