Three ways to Maximise the Success of Video Marketing for Promoting Dating Offers

Whatever way you’re trying to make money online, whether as a retailer or promoting dating offers within an online affiliate program, there is little doubt that video marketing can be beneficial. Consumers enjoy video content because it’s easily accessible. It requires little effort. And for businesses of all kinds, it carries the very real benefit of increasing sales. In fact, in 2020, 80% of video marketers said video had directly helped to increase their sales, and 87% that it had increased traffic to their website.

Today, video marketing is easier than ever before. There are various platforms freely available for you to post on. But while creating and posting videos is simple, creating content that converts can be more difficult. So, in this blog we’re going to give you our three top tips for making video work for you when promoting your dating offers.

Three Tips for Making Video Marketing Work for Your Dating Offers

1. Remember SEO

For most people, search engine optimization (SEO) is now almost second nature when creating written content for affiliate program products. But SEO is equally important when working with video. And many people forget that.

Before you start, research the best keywords for promoting your pay per sale products. Then include them in your titles and video descriptions.

It’s also worth remembering that YouTube ranks videos by watch time. Which is basically the amount of time viewers spend on your videos. And ultimately, that boils down to how entertaining your content is. If you create interesting, useful, or entertaining content that delivers quickly, people are more likely to watch it in its entirety. And that will automatically improve your YouTube ranking. And your SEO.

2. Include a CTA

Creating quality content is, of course, important. But it’s also pointless if you fail to tell your viewers what you want them to do when they’ve finished watching. Including at least one call to action (CTA), lets your audience know that your links are there. And that they might be beneficial to them.

The most effective CTAs are not aggressive, but rather informative:

  • You can find out more about all my dating offers by…
  • Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for…
  • Why not head over to my blog for…
  • Check out my profile for the most up to date…

Viewers don’t want to be bombarded with CTAs. But including one or two per video is totally acceptable. And is a great way to build your dating traffic.

3. Don’t over do it

With view time an important factor in SEO and YouTube ranking, it’s tempting to strategically increase the length of your videos. The problem there is that most people don’t want to spend half an hour listening to your thoughts. It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting dating offers, or discussing mindfulness. The contemporary internet user likes a quick fix. Something that they can sit and watch in five minutes or less. So, unless you’ve got a comedy skit or something deeply and emotionally engaging to talk about that won’t see people moving on to something else, try to keep your videos relatively short.

Video content is a really useful tool if you’re working with an online dating affiliate. But you need to follow a few basic rules if you’re going to make it work for you. And these three things are a great place to focus when you’re first starting out.