Four Hacks to Ace Your Online Dating Affiliate Earning Strategy for 2021

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A growing number of people have turned to affiliate programs as a means of increasing their income in the last year. But it can be a hard road when you first start out. Everyone else seems to be miraculously making money. While you… Well, you’ve been spending it. Setting up a website. Flitting between advertising platforms. Maybe experimenting with different niche areas, hoping to find something that sticks.

The thing is, there is no single secret to working with affiliate networks. There isn’t one magic charm that will suddenly make you millions. But – and it’s a pretty big but! – there are things you can do to improve your chances of success. And these are our favourite tips for getting the best out of working with an online dating affiliate.

Four Hacks to Ace Your Online Dating Affiliate Earning Strategy for 2021

1. Know your audience

If you want to attract valuable dating traffic and get your pay per sale links clicked, you really need to know your audience. Not just who they are, but what they need. What problems can you help them solve? Why are they likely to be looking at your content? How can you help them?

Once you really understand the answers to these questions, you can start creating content that works towards your goals.

2. Do more than sell

One of the biggest mistakes that people new to working with dating affiliate programs make is to sell, sell, sell. Of course, you’re doing this to generate cash. You want to get your links seen and clicked as soon as possible. But your audience need to believe in you before you start trying to sell them something.

So, create content that is relevant to your readers. And not just relevant, but of value. And make sure that that content doesn’t try to sell them a thing. It should be there purely for their benefit. Once you’ve got that base, then you can start to sell. But not with every post. And only with relevant products and services.

3. Consider using email marketing

After years in the wilderness, email marketing is now very much in vogue. Why? Because it’s one of the best ways to really connect with your audience and increase sales. And this is as true for marketers working with an online dating affiliate, as it is for largescale corporations.

You have to be careful to abide by the rules when using email marketing. But if you’re sensible and know how to get your emails read, then it can be of real benefit.  

4. Work out what it is that you’re meant to be doing

Oooookaaaayyyyy! Now, we can practically hear your eyes rolling in their sockets! Your job is to promote dating offers for your online dating affiliate. You know that. But do you really understand what that means?

If someone is interested in online dating, they can simply type into a Google search bar and find dozens – hundreds – of potential sites to sign up with. Your online dating affiliate doesn’t want you simply promote its products. It wants you to engage with them. And get other people to engage with them too, by providing information and telling stories. You need to know everything about the service you’re promoting and be able to talk about it in detail. That’s what you’re meant to be doing. And that’s how you’ll see your affiliate program income grow.

Working with an online dating affiliate is one of the easiest ways to monetize a blog or website. Partly because you have a sitting target. Dating never goes out of fashion. There will always be a market for your product. But even when you’re working in a desirable niche, you still have to get the basics right. And these four hacks will make those first few steps along the road significantly easier.