Three Hacks for Improving Email Opening Rates for Your Dating Offers

If you’re working with pay per lead dating affiliate programs, email marketing can be one of the most profitable sources of traffic. It’s the ultimate way to get your dating offers seen by people who are interested in seeing them. And if people are interested, they’re more likely to click those pay per sale links. The difficulty lies in fashioning your email content. How can you optimize your emails to gain the maximum open rate? 

Three Hacks to Improve Your Dating Offer Email Opening Rates

1. Attention-grabbing subjects

We all know what it’s like. We do it daily. Open our inbox, see the reams of emails waiting… Then judiciously select and delete the dross. It might be from a company we deliberately signed up to. It may be from someone whose emails we frequently read. But if the subject header is dull, unappealing, or says something that we’ve seen a hundred times before, we hit delete without a pang of conscience. Because who has time to read every email? So, what’s the solution? You research your audience and you send them subjects that they will respond to.

More easily said than done? Of course! But it can be done and here’s how:


  • Select headlines that might teach something: how to… what I’ve learned from… everything you need to know about…
  • Choose headlines that promise humour: ‘My 10 most embarrassing online dating experiences’. ‘I accidentally sent this selfie to my first online hook-up…’
  • Ask questions: Have you ever..?
  • Use lists: ‘The top five mistakes made by online daters.’ ‘Three new dating offers from online platforms.’


  • Use sales-related subject lines. If someone has signed up to hear from you, they don’t need to be persuaded by salesy talk.
  • Don’t use promotional language. Spam bots are set up to capture anything that looks like a scam. So, avoid headers that include triggers, such as; free, sale, win, cash, unless you want your messages to end up in the spam folder.

Just remember – you also need to deliver what your subject lines promise. So, you need to make the content to match if you want to win that dating traffic.

2. Split test

We’ve talked about this quite a lot on here before. But split testing, or A/B testing, is one of the best ways to get the results you need from your email marketing campaigns. When you’re working with any affiliate program, your income depends upon your ability to get your links clicked. And to do that, you need to deliver content and CTAs (call to action) that your target audience responds to. Now, you might be bursting with incredible ideas to make this happen. But you’ll never know if you’re getting the best results you can if you don’t test them.

The most important thing for you to test if you want to improve your open rate is your subject headers. But you can – and should – test other areas too, if you want to get the best conversion rates.

Things to test in email marketing:

  • Formatting
  • HTML or plain text – HTML is more frequently picked up by spam bots, takes longer to open and can’t always be easily read on all platforms. But it does look prettier. So, you need to find out which option your readers prefer.
  • Imagery
  • Personalization – Do your readers respond better to a generic welcome, a relaxed first-name approach, or something more formal?
  • Content type
  • The form of your dating offers – do they prefer a subtle or more obvious approach?
  • CTAs

3. Keep mobile in mind

There have been endless studies on this, and it’s now widely agreed that at least 50% of people access their email on mobile devices. And yet, a significant number of senders still forget mobile formatting when creating emails. And you might be thinking here, that surely people will read the content anyway, even if it’s not perfectly formatted. But Adestra recently reported that more than 70% of emails that don’t properly display on a mobile platform get deleted with three seconds of opening. Just think of all of that wasted potential.

So, it’s worth putting in the effort to make sure that your content is tailored to the mobile audience. As well as traditional desktop and laptop users. How can you do this?

  • Keep your subject headings short enough for mobile
  • Work on your email preview copy

If you look around any of the blogs relating to affiliate programs, you’ll notice that they all value the power of email marketing. Whether you’re looking for advice on promoting dating offers or baby products, they’ll tell you to make an email marketing list. And to use it. But just like any other strategy, email marketing only holds value if you do it well. With these three hacks, you’re already halfway there.