Why Email Marketing Could Be the Best Traffic Source for an Online Dating Affiliate

Trends come and go in marketing. One minute Facebook is the leading way to find traffic. The next minute, it’s Instagram. A few months ago we talked about how you can use email marketing to boost your affiliate income. Today, we’re going to talk about why it’s so important to your online dating affiliate success. And demonstrate how you can build upon your existing email strategy with a few simple streamlining tips.

Why is Email Marketing Good at Securing Dating Traffic?

According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing is capable of generating up to 58% of all business revenue. As a marker of its value, that’s pretty convincing stuff. But, while knowing that something works for your business is great, if you don’t know how and why it works, you may struggle to replicate these results. So, what is it that makes email marketing such a useful tool when working with an online dating affiliate?

  1. You’re talking to a receptive audience. If someone has signed up to your mailing list, it means that they like you and are interested in what you have to say. And this is really important when you’re trying to prompt an action for a pay per signup dating site.
  2. You can personalise your messages. By splitting your mailers into groups, you can make sure that your readers are only getting the information that interests them. This means that they won’t get bored and unsubscribe.
  3. You can contact your customers anywhere and at any time. Because most people now use mobile tech to read their emails, you can get your affiliate network’s message to them whether they’re at home or away. This means that if you research the times when your chosen demographic is most active online, you can make sure that your mailer reaches them in the right window.
  4. You can build customer loyalty and brand credibility. Email marketing relies upon building a rapport with your readers. It allows you to take things slowly and build trust before you drive home the sale message. It’s the difference between having a cold-caller trying to sell you windows and deciding to get a new conservatory because your best friend has had an amazing customer experience with glazing company.

How Can You Get the Best from Email Marketing for your Online Dating Affiliate Work?

So, that’s the why, now let’s look at how you can run an effective campaign.

  1. Use an email service provider (ESP). ESPs can take all the difficulties of email marketing away. It can personalise your messages, segment your mailing lists, help you comply with CAN-SPAM and other regulations so you don’t get blacklisted, work at volume, automate your internet marketing affiliate program campaigns, and provide you with heaps of useful data.
  2. Test your marketing strategies. The data that it provides is one of the most useful aspects of email marketing. It allows you to split test everything, from subject headings to a font. This means that you can really hone your campaigns to get the best results – and the greatest number of sign-ups for your online dating affiliate – possible.
  3. Never buy contact lists. It’s tempting to cut corners and reach new people, but if you contact people who don’t want to hear from you, you’ll just annoy them. You may get blacklisted by ISPs. You’ll damage your reputation. And in some countries, it’s illegal. In short, you’re chucking your money away.
  4. Make sure that your subscriber list is up to date and that you have a reader opt-out. If your email bounce rate is high – if you’re receiving lots of ‘undeliverable’ messages – or many of your emails are going unopened, then A) your campaign has no chance of succeeding, and B) you might soon find yourself caught up in spam filters, so no one will receive your messages.

Email marketing can be an incredibly useful tool when working with an online dating affiliate because it allows you to build a relationship with your readers, while you’re helping them to build new romantic relationships for themselves. So, taking time to get it right, could pay you dividends in the long term.