How to Become a Micro Influencer for Affiliate Programs

If you’re at all interested in digital marketing or affiliate programs, you’ll have encountered the term ‘micro influencer’. Micro influencing became a big business in 2021, and it’s a marketing trend that is set to continue. With all kinds of businesses understanding the potential that these social media masters bring, especially to affiliate networks. So, what do you need to know if you want to become a micro-influencer yourself?

Everything You Need to Know About Micro Influencing for Affiliate Programs

What is a micro influencer?

Until very recently, all talk of influencers has related to social media stars with a minimum of 50,000 followers. And 50,000 was still relatively small fry. But for micro influencers, the bar starts around 1,500 followers. Most micro influencers will have a core niche. Be it beauty, finance, cats, or relationships. And it’s this focus niche that makes micro influencers so useful to the top affiliate programs. Because their followers are already interested in that core niche and see the micro influencer as a voice of some authority. This means that they’re more likely to accept their advertising content.

How can you become a micro influencer for affiliate programs?

1. Follow your passion

Most micro influencers start out by talking about what they love. And that’s a great way to not only enjoy your work, but to create authenticity. Which is something that both the public and affiliate programs love.

2. Be genuine

Whether you’re trying to attract dating traffic, or new partners to work with, you need to build trust. And the best way to do that is to be genuine. If you’re talking about a product or service, don’t gloss over the negatives. Rely upon your own opinions. Use your own voice. Share the things you love – and stand by them under scrutiny. And if you change your mind about something, explain why. Your followers will love you for your openness. And the best affiliate programs will want to work with you because you’ll have your follower’s loyalty.

3. Entertain

There are four main content types online.

  • The content created to entertain
  • Content created to inspire
  • Content designed to educate
  • And the content created to convert

According to the Trust in the Entertainment Industry survey, 73% of American 18-24-year-olds see social media as a form of entertainment. And 60% of internet users read blogs. If you can create entertaining content, it’s more likely to be shared. So, while you obviously need to work towards monetizing your content, it’s always a good idea to put 90% of your focus on entertainment. Then you can weave that 10% of promotional content in with a light touch at the end.

4. Be original

When the internet is saturated with the opinions of the world, it can be difficult to come up with original ideas. But it’s really important that you don’t copy other people’s content. So, if you’re going to talk about dating, and dating offers, for example, if you can’t say something totally new, at least say something that’s totally YOU.

5. Don’t forget your visuals

The power of visual marketing is well known. With the human brain processing images 60,000 times faster than text, not taking time to focus on your imagery is setting yourself up to fail.

Setting out to become an influencer isn’t an easy path these days. Unless you’re a celebrity already, are willing to do something outrageous, or have the finances to invest in high-profile marketing, it’s a long and difficult path. But micro influencing has the potential to be open to anybody. If you’re willing to put in the effort and time to create content, your followers will quickly build. And once you have followers, monetizing your work is an easily achievable goal.