How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos for Dating Traffic

Video content is a great way to engage followers, promote your affiliate program products, and attract dating traffic. The public love video content because it’s easy to watch and effortless to engage with. But not all video is made equal. And if you’re using YouTube as a primary means to get your dating offers seen, you need to take steps to optimize your content. These are our top tips.

Six Tips for Optimizing Your YouTube Videos for Dating Traffic

So, we’ll start with the assumption that you already know how to actually make a video for YouTube. Now, let’s look at what you need to do to optimize your videos to secure dating traffic.

1. Work on your dating traffic keywords

Keyword research is integral to any online enterprise. But it’s really important to remember that most people will struggle to reach the top using the most competitive terms. So, when you’re searching for dating traffic for your affiliate program, the word ‘dating’ probably isn’t going to get you anywhere. Think outside the box. Work with longtail keywords that describe your specific dating product. And try to carve your own niche.

2. Include keywords in your video titles

Bloggers and vloggers often forget the importance of a really strong title. Not just as a hook to draw your audience in. But as a means to improve your SEO.

3. Use your keywords in your video file

A bit like Google, YouTube keeps its ranking criteria close to its virtual chest. But the general consensus is that your video file name plays a part. So, if you want to maximize the ranking potential of your videos, save them with an appropriate file name.

4. Take time over your description

No one actually reads YouTube video descriptions, right? Wrong! While your audience may not spend a whole lot of time reading your description, it’s your key to optimization. YouTube recommends that you include your more relevant keywords in the first couple of sentences of your description. And that descriptions shouldn’t be more than 200 words. But use the space to help get your content seen. And remember to use #hashtags to enhance findability.

5. Choose the right category

YouTube is broken down into multiple categories. If you want people to find your pay per sale content more easily – and YouTube to rank it correctly – you need to select the right category.

6. Don’t forget your thumbnail

We’ve all got videos on our smartphones with terrible thumbnails. The ones that freeze on a goofy expression, or close on simply nothing. On YouTube, your video thumbnail acts as your preview. It should tell your audience what they’re going to get if they give you their time. So, don’t waste the opportunity.  

If you’re working with an online dating affiliate, attracting dating traffic is your bread and butter. If you can’t get your content in front of the right people, then you’re never going to be able to successfully monetize your efforts. So, take that little bit of extra time to optimize your content. And then, enjoy the results.