Using YouTube to Promote Your Dating Offers? Here’s How to Nail Your SEO

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In a world where vlogging is beginning to outpace blogging in terms of profitability, a growing number of affiliate program members are turning to YouTube to promote their dating offers. But while most people are getting to grips with SEO for written content. Video content requires a different SEO strategy. So, how can you make sure that all of your hard work isn’t going to waste?

How to Nail SEO for Promoting You Dating Offers on YouTube

Create great content

The first rule of any SEO campaign is to create great content. Video can be a really useful way of attracting dating traffic. It’s intimate, easily accessible and can be fun. And it’s especially valuable for those less comfortable with the written word. But if you want people to view it, you need to make it worth their time… Which hopefully goes without saying. But you also need to think about what’s actually going into your vlog, as well as how watchable it is.

Don’t forget your keywords

If you’ve been working with a dating affiliate network for a while, you’ll already know the importance of keyword research. Getting the right keywords can be integral to people finding you. Whether you’re blogging or selling high profile corporate services. Naturally integrating your keywords within your content can be beneficial. But more than anything, you need to include your keywords within your title. Just as you would with a blog. And by using keyword research to maximise the SEO potential of your tags, you can be really confident that your dating offers will be seen.

Write an incredible description

OK, so you might be vlogging instead of blogging because you’re not a fan of writing. But taking time to write a decent description for your video can seriously improve your SEO. And the likelihood of viewers clicking your pay per sale links. When you’re working with pay per lead dating affiliate programs you need to get your affiliate links clicked. That’s the whole reason for vlogging in the first place. But how do you get links in a video? By working them into your description. You don’t need to stuff your description with links, YouTube doesn’t like that, and you may find your content removed. But one well-placed link is all you need to get people checking out your dating offers.

Create an eye-catching thumbnail

One of the biggest rookie mistakes made by new vloggers is uploading content without creating a title page. If you want people view your video clips, you need to make them look appealing. So, don’t just upload your vlogs with the start or finish freezeframe as the thumbnail. Create an attractive 1280px x 720px image. Include your title and imagery that reflects the subject. And keep it simple. 15 minutes in Photoshop should get the job done.

Promote your content

Finally, put your content where people will see it. It’s a strange phenomenon. Write a blog and you’ll post it on every social media platform available. Create a video, upload it to YouTube and, more often than not, you’ll consider it job done. Once you’ve gone to the effort of creating a vlog worth watching, show it to the world! Write a post about it on Facebook. Add it to your Twitter feed. Link it to any place you have an established following and your viewer numbers will follow.

Vlogging can be a tremendous way to promote dating offers – or any other form of affiliate content. But if you want to get the best results from your work you need to put in the small amount of time and effort needed to get your SEO in place. These five points are a great place to start if you’re looking for ways to improve your YouTube success.