How to Use Video Content when Working with Affiliate Programs

We’ve been focussing on content creation quite a lot recently. Because no matter what platform you’re using, if you want to attract an audience, content remains king. But one area that we’ve not given much attention to is video. And that’s remiss because it’s one of the best ways of converting clicks into sales when working with affiliate programs. In fact, 77% of people claim that a video has convinced them to buy a product or service at least once. That’s why 93% of marketers use video for marketing, communication and sales.

So, those are good reasons to think about creating video content to attract dating traffic and promote your dating offers. But how do you go about doing it?

How you can use video in your marketing strategy for affiliate programs

If video is not your natural medium, it can seem like a bit of an alien concept when you first start out. But you just need to treat it like you would any other post for your blog or social media outlets. It’s merely a means of conveying information.

Video can be used for:

  • Telling stories – The written word is great when you want to share a story, but a video can work just as well as it makes things feel more personal. And if your audience feels closer to you, they’re more likely to follow your recommendations and click your pay per sale links.
  • Showcasing the products – How on Earth do you showcase a dating site? Easily. You candidly talk viewers through how it works. Explain the tricky bits they might not understand. Talk about your experiences. Discuss the merits of this particular platform.
  • Hints and tips – If you’re working with dating affiliate sites you should know the etiquette for users. Make a funny video post about that. You’re almost guaranteed shares.
  • Exclusive offers – If you have a good relationship with your affiliate programs and have access to special promotions, use your videos to shout about them, then direct viewers back to your landing page where they can access the codes – and increase your revenue.

What do you need to start creating video content?

Think of creating videos and you think of expensive kit. But that needn’t be the case. Sure, it helps if you have a high-quality camera, but the video quality on the newer iPhones (say iPhone 6 and up) should be adequate to at least get you started. You can always upgrade if you decide that video is for you.

So, what do you need?

  • Some way of recording your content. smartphone, digital camera, video camera.
  • Editing software. Most phones come with basic editing software onboarded. But if you want to be a little more creative, a video editing suite can be a good idea.
  • A plan. Video content only works for promoting affiliate program work if it is targeted. If you just go off on a tangent, you’ll not achieve anything at all. You might even put viewers off.
  • A platform. Obviously, if you’re making videos for affiliate programs, you need people to be able to see them. This can be a dedicated site, Like YouTube, or you can integrate them into your existing blog and social media pages – on Twitter, 82% of users watch video content. You can even use video in email marketing. It can have a massive impact on your conversion rates.

The only other element you need to make successful video content for your work with affiliate programs is a bit of creativity. Once you’ve got an idea, you just need to get going. See how your target audience responds, then adapt accordingly. It’s really that simple. And it could make a big difference to the income you get from your affiliate venture.