Should You Use Push Ads to Promote Your Dating Offers?

Push ads are a divisive issue. Often as annoying as they are effective, they don’t work for every audience. But when applied well, they have the potential to be one of the most valuable mobile marketing tools around. So, are they worth considering for your affiliate program dating offers?

Are Push Ads a Good Idea for Promoting Dating Offers?

What are push ads?

Push ads, often known as push notifications, come in three formats.

  • Web push notifications —This is where notifications are sent via browser subscription. It’s an increasingly popular form of advertising.
  • In-app push notifications — Targeted specifically at app users, notices from apps are intended to trigger interest from an existing audience, rather than attracting new users.
  • In-page push notifications — With this format, you can show ads to anyone who visits your pages – or the pages of the publishers you work with. They look very like standard banner ads, but they allow for personalization. And provide a great way to advertise to site visitors.

All push ads are designed to be user-friendly. And for promoters, they offer a high conversion rate at a relatively low cost.  If you’re looking to promote dating offers, web and in-page push notifications are the best proposition.

What are the benefits of push ads for affiliate partnership program members?


With the exception of in-app push notifications, users don’t need to subscribe to receive push ads. This means that you have the potential to put your dating offers in front of people who may not otherwise view them.

Personalization across a wide audience

In-page push ads, in particular, have the potential to be displayed to a wider audience than many other advertising types. But personalization means that they are seen by the right, receptive audience. They are also less intrusive than pop-ups, but they are still user-friendly, and easy to interact with.

You pay for what you get

In-page push ads work on a cost per click (CPC) model. So, you only pay for the ads that bring you benefits. This is ideal when you’re trying to attract dating traffic on a budget, or are working with a pay per signup dating site.

An active audience

You can choose the form of push ads that work best for you. But in-page push ads are only shown to users when they are actively using the publisher’s pages. This dramatically increases the chances of your dating offers being seen by the right people at the right time.

How can you create push ads for dating offers?

First, you need to find a push publisher to work with. Google research can help with this. There are plenty of push network lists around. You just need to find the best for you.

Then you need to focus on your making your ad. And push ad creation is pretty much like any other form of content creation. You need to pay attention to four key areas:

  • Research your target audience
  • Understand your geographical area
  • Work on your copy – both title and body text, and working with the limited characters you have
  • Focus on the visual – image choice, emojis, background colors

Remember that push ads are no use alone

While push ads can provide a valuable traffic source for any online affiliate program member, it’s important to remember that they are not a catch-all. For most people, they don’t work well alone. You need to have strong content to back your push ads up. Because although they are great at attracting audience attention, few people will engage with dating offers simply on the back of a single ad. For the others, you need to build their trust, create killer content, and work hard to convert those viewers into customers.

Push ads won’t work for everyone. And the process can be tricky to get to grips with. But if managed well, push ads can be a great way to promote your dating offers. And to see your conversion rates soar.