How to Monetize Your Dating Blog with an Online Dating Affiliate

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Blogging is one of those things that people often come to just for the pleasure of doing it. It gives you a platform to voice your opinions, an outlet for your thoughts and frustrations. And it’s a great way of connecting with other people. But if you’re good at it, it can quickly come to swallow up all of your spare time.  You want it to grow. You want to make it better. But it would also be kind of nice if it gave you something back for all of the efforts you’re putting into it. Luckily, monetizing a blog is easier than it once was. And if your specialty is dating or relationships, an online dating affiliate could provide the answer.

How to Use an Online Dating Affiliate to Monetize Your Blog

Affiliate programs provide one of the easiest ways to make money from a blog. And practically anyone can do it. But while it is possible to earn some revenue with a slap-dash approach, a little structure can make a huge difference to your earning potential. So:

Get to know your audience

OK, if your blog is going well, you obviously already have a fairly good idea about what your audience want. But providing content that your regular readers will enjoy is very different to creating content that will attract more dating traffic. To do that, you really need to understand the demographic you’re working with. So, use analytics tools to observe visitor behaviour. Use questionnaires and quizzes to find out what your readers want. And join the forums that your readers use to discover the subjects they’re interested in. That way, you’ll have a better chance of attracting more visitors. And have a better chance of gaining those pay per sale clicks.

Find a good online dating affiliate to work with

Once you really know your demographic, you’ll be perfectly positioned to find a suitable dating affiliate network to collaborate with. There will be a choice of programs, from pay per click to pay per sale and pay per signup dating sites. Select the format that best works for you. Contact the program to make sure that they’re accepting new affiliates. Then, simply follow the instructions you’re issued with to set up. It’s that easy.

Create outstanding content

The quality of your content is what will make or break your venture into earning with an online dating affiliate. Creating content that converts can be tricky. But if you already know your audience, then the job is half done. Keep your content fresh and as original as possible and people will come.

Don’t forget to include your affiliate links

Your affiliate links are what will earn you money. By strategically inserting them into your most relevant content – regularly, but not too frequently – you’ll start to receive affiliate income. You can do this openly, with links at the bottom of your text. Or you can embed them into appropriate copy.

Monitor your progress

It’s natural to start an exciting new project and expect it to be an instant success. And for some people, that will be their experience of working with an online dating affiliate. For many though, it takes a bit more time to find the right formula to maximise your income. So, you need to monitor your campaigns. Use split testing to see how your audience responds to different approaches. Track your reader interaction. And change what you’re doing accordingly. That way, you’ll be giving your readers what they want. And they’ll be giving you what you want.

Optimize your blog for mobile

These days, most people access the internet on their mobile devices at least as much as they do on their computers. If your blog is not optimized for mobiles, you’re going to lose a huge amount of traffic. Including the majority of those who will have attempted to click through from your social media posts. Optimizing your blog for mobile will increase both your traffic and your SEO rating. It’s a win-win thing to do.

If you have a strong blog of any description, not monetizing it is a lost opportunity. Sure, you started your blog as a bit of fun or, may be, a labour of love. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t now use it to improve your income. And by working with an online dating affiliate, you’re in total control of what goes on to your site. Which is more than can be said for many other monetizing options.