The Best Ways to Get Your Pay Per Sale Links Clicked

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There are many different aspects to affiliate marketing.The research, the planning, the advertising, the writing. There are the features that are important to the affiliate networks. Then, there’s the things that matter to program members. And of the latter, what it really boils down to is clicks. How many of your pay per sale links are clicked. And how many of them convert into sales, thus generating revenue for you.

So, what can you do to increase your clicks and maximise your income?

Four Ways to Gain Pay Per Sale Clicks

Social media

Social media can be used in a variety of ways when working with affiliate programs. You can use it to increase your readership/audience by posting fun, but not directly linked content. It can be used as an opening to a sales funnel. Or you can post direct links from your affiliate partnership program. Posting direct links certainly involves the least work. But it’s not always the most effective means of gaining clicks for your pay per sale links. Because most people need to have some degree of trust before acting on a recommendation. Very few people will follow blindly.

Paid adverts

Most people who work in affiliate marketing will turn to paid ads at some stage. It allows you to fully target your audience and gives you in-depth analytics. For these reasons, it’s an extremely valuable tool. However, it’s not necessarily the best tool for new starters. Largely because it is paid, which means that you’re risking your capital before you really know what you’re doing. Paid adverts also only give you a single hit, whereas if you can get someone to follow you on social media, or – even better – sign up to your mailing list, if the first hit doesn’t work you’ve got the opportunity to try, try again. Even still, it is worth looking into paid ads once you’re established.


Advertorials are basically paid-for features on other people’s blogs, or ‘pages’ in established outlets. You write a killer piece of copy full of information that will appeal to your target demographic. Then, you either post your pay per sale links directly, or you leave the reader wanting more and direct them to your landing page, where they can find more information – as well as your affiliate links. You can also direct them to your mailing list sign-up form, so you have a chance at repeat business.


A couple of years ago, email marketing was dead. Too many regulations and spam traps made it a really unappealing prospect for anyone working with an online affiliate program. However, things have changed. And email now provides a wealth of opportunity for affiliate marketers. IF it’s done well. It’s a great way to build your reputation, gain customer loyalty, target your messages and it gives you an almost captive audience. They’re already willing to listen to you, so your pay per sale conversion rates are much higher.

Internet marketing affiliate programs present a world of opportunity for anyone looking to make money online. And when it comes down to it, all you really have to do is tell a convincing enough story to make people want to click your links. Once you’ve done that – and found the right places to put those links so that people will see them, you should be able to watch your pay per sale cash come rolling in.