Back to Basics: What is Pay Per Sale Affiliate Marketing?

It’s easy to forget sometimes, how boggling working with an affiliate program can be. When you’re just starting out, you’re overwhelmed by endless jargon. You’re expected to know what all the acronyms stand for. And understand what all of the terminology relates to. It’s easy to get bogged down in the simplest of things. That’s why, today, we are going to talk about pay per sale. What does it mean? And how can it work for you?

What is a Pay Per Sale Online Affiliate Program?

Pay per sale (also known as PPS) is basically a working relationship whereby affiliate network members receive remuneration for the leads they refer which turn into sales. There are various other revenue models employed by affiliate partnership programs. But PPS is rapidly becoming the most popular. 

How Does Pay Per Sale Work?

Imagine you’re a visitor browsing through a website. While you’re there, you notice an interesting ad in the side bar. Or maybe a link in the text. You click that ad or link and it takes you to another landing page. You may leave it there, or you may explore further. Or, you may even make a purchase. If you do take the latter course, as soon as you commit to the sale, the person who runs the original site you followed the link from will receive a payment.

The same premise applies to all forms of social media marketing, ebook links, and podcasts. It’s easy to make PPS work for any chosen medium.

What’s the Benefit of a PPS Program?

From the perspective of an affiliate network member, the main benefit of PPS is that it pays more. Pay per click, impression and lead revenue models all require a similar amount of work, but the reward is lower. Often very much lower. In fact, some programs literally pay pennies for clicks. While pay per sale can earn you as much as 25% of the over all sale price. In some cases, this can earn you hundreds of dollars per sale.

How Can Pay Per Sale Work for You?

If you already have a website, blog or social media page, PPS affiliate programs are the perfect way to monetize your work. You simply need to find a program that fits in with your subject matter. Then integrate the links. And if you’re starting from scratch, it’s even easier. You can build your blog around the best program you can find. The trick is to find a subject that is both interesting to you and has the potential to be lucrative. A subject area such dating has an enormous market. If you can find a niche angle within that market, your earnings potential can be significant.

Affiliate marketing has become one of the most popular means of earning money online because almost anyone can do it. It’s quick to set up. It’s effective. And you can put as much or as little energy into it as you wish. How much you earn is almost completely down to you. Working with a pay per sale program is a great option for beginners and old hands alike.