Affiliate Conferences As a Part of Your Affiliate Program Success

Anywhere you look, you’ll find joining an online affiliate program listed as one of the best ways to monetize your blog or website. It’s quick. It’s effective. And the potential is almost limitless. But getting started isn’t always as easy as you think it’s going to be. When things don’t work, it can be hard to know why. And it can sometimes feel quite lonely, like you’re feeling your way in the dark. And that’s one of the reasons why affiliate conferences can be so beneficial.

Five Reasons Why Affiliate Conferences Could Help With Your Affiliate Program Performance

You can better understand sector trends

Advertising is all about spotting the trends before they really happen. And if you ever work with TikTok, you’ll really understand this. But it can be a bit more tricky to track trends when you’re working with an affiliate program. Attending a conference like Affiliate World Europe, which is taking place in Spain this July, can give you a direct insight. Not only into the current general affiliate trends, but into the likely future trends in your sector. Whether you’re working with finance products or dating offers.

Affiliate conferences are a great place to network

The chances are, if you’re working with an affiliate program, you’re a sole operator. Not only can this be lonely and isolating on a personal level. It also means that you’ve got no one to bounce ideas off, or whose experience you can learn from. Other affiliates are often the best source of information. And the best teachers. They can provide insights that will completely change your way of working. And support when you feel like you’re struggling to get by. And there is no better place to meet like-minded people than at an affiliate partnership program conference.

You can meet some of the biggest names in the business

OK, so affiliate conferences are a great place to network in general. But they’re also probably the only opportunity you will ever have to meet – or at least listen to and question from the audience – serious industry players. Whether it’s Claire Carlile, Mark Joyner, or Moiz Ali, this year there are some incredible keynote speakers just waiting to share their insights with you.

Affiliate conferences are a great place to learn

Whether it’s new strategies, new tech to help streamline your processes, or new platforms, there is so much learning to be done at an affiliate conference. You can get to know the top affiliate programs. See what they do and how they work. Find out how the most successful affiliates, like Miles Beckler and Charles Ngo got to where they are. And find out where the less successful came unstuck. So, go. Take notes. And then apply everything you’ve learned to your own affiliate program work when you get back.

It’s a great experience

If affiliate conferences were only about learning and the serious stuff, the attendance numbers would be a lot lower than they are. But they are actually really good fun! As well as the speakers, there are demonstrations, micro-events, activities, drinks, and even parties. You’ll go. You’ll have an absolute blast. Then you’ll come back, full of great memories, great information, and a new enthusiasm for your work.

Find an affiliate conference near you

Wherever you are in the world, you should be able to find an affiliate conference that’s not too difficult to get to. These are the top affiliate conferences scheduled for this year.

07/20-07/21 – Affiliate World Europe (Barcelona, Spain)

07/05-07/08 – iGB Affiliate Live (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

08/22-08/25 – TES Affiliate Conference Prague (Prague, Czech Republic)

09/01 – Rakuten DealMaker APAC (TBA)

09/12-09/15 – CJU 2022 (Santa Barbara, CA, USA)

10/18-10/19 – PerformanceIN Live (London, UK)

10/26-10/27 – Affiliate Meet Markt (Berlin, Germany)

11/07 – Affiliate Conference (Munich, Germany)

11/13-11/14 – DMIEXPO Affiliate Conference Spring (Tel-Aviv, Israel)

TBA – Affiliate World Asia (Bangkok, Thailand)

For many, the appeal of working with an affiliate program or two is that you can make money from home. You can manage everything from your laptop. With no fixed schedules and no commutes. Attending a conference can feel like it goes entirely against that. But sometimes, breaking out of your box can be hugely rewarding.  And we think that affiliate conferences are very much worth the effort.