How to Use Twitter to Attract Dating Traffic

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When you think of using social media to promote affiliate program content, your likely first thought is Facebook. It’s used as part of virtually every business’ marketing strategy. Partly because it’s easy and has a huge audience base. And partly because Facebook Ads is so simple to use affectively. But when you’re looking to increase your dating traffic, there are plenty of other options available. And Twitter makes a great choice.

So, let’s have a look at the ways in which you can use Twitter when working with an online affiliate program.

How to use Twitter to Increase Your Dating Traffic

The beautiful thing about all forms of social media is that you have numerous options available for marketing. And there are various things that you can do on Twitter to enhance your profile and increase your dating traffic.

Promote your content

OK, so this is probably the most obvious way to use Twitter. But all social media platforms provide a great place for you to display your work. And your content is one of the best ways of building dating traffic. So, create killer content, then link to it in your Twitter feed. If you can create a concise and catchy intro, traffic will follow.

Promote your dating offers

Of course, the great thing about working with affiliate programs is that you can use your offers and post your affiliate links anywhere. So, if you’ve got a particularly good promotion, or an offer that’s only available for a limited time, you can post your links directly on to Twitter with very limited preamble.

Use your Twitter bio

What can you possibly achieve in 160 characters? A huge amount! Your character, your voice, your style, your message and your website. Your Twitter bio may be small, but it provides a great place to set your tone. It’s the first place that your potential followers will look before they decide if they want to hear more from you. So, it’s really important that you use your bio to reflect your content. And by including a link to your blog, website or landing page, you’re providing another chance to increase your dating traffic.

Use Twitter Ads

Just like Facebook, you can pay for ads on Twitter. There are various options to choose from, but whichever you go for, you can target them according to your demographic – age, gender, location, language, device. You can target by keywords and by interests. And you can promote a single tweet or run an entire campaign. The options are there for the taking.

Tweet often

The more people who follow you on social media, the bigger the potential audience for your affiliate network’s links. And the best way to build your followers is to tweet well and tweet often. Do a little research and find out the best time to tweet according to your time zone and target demographic. Then work out a regular schedule of content. From May 2020, Twitter has provided a scheduling option. But if you’re working across platforms and want to save time, there are a range of tools available to help – Loomly, Agorapulse, Sendible. A Google search should show you all the different options available.

Engage with other people

One of the major marketing benefits to social media is that you can directly communicate with your intended audience. Not just posting content for them to see, but responding to their comments and queries. And with Twitter, it’s particularly easy to engage with their content too. And join chats relevant to your niche area. Every time you engage with someone on Twitter, you’re increasing your exposure. And the more you’re seen, the more likely you are to get your dating offers seen and clicked on.

Don’t forget to use #hashtags

The hashtag is ubiquitous these days, but Twitter really started it all. So, if you’re using Twitter and want to attract more dating traffic, don’t forget to use hashtags. Use your keyword research. And use the subject of your posts.

Twitter is one of those marketing tools that has fallen a bit out of fashion. While Facebook remains King, the likes of Instagram and TikTok are trendy. But Twitter continues to deliver results. It’s smart, it’s flexible and it’s easy. And if you’re looking for a new source of dating traffic, it’s really an area that you need to consider.