New Year’s Resolutions for Anyone Working with Affiliate Programs

Wow. It only seems like five minutes since we were popping corks and drinking champagne to welcome in 2019. And now it’s almost time to say goodbye already. It’s been an interesting year. A lot has happened. And hopefully, if you’ve been working with affiliate programs, you’ll have both learned and earned a lot too. But no matter how successful your affiliate year has been, there is always room for improvement. And New Year is always a good time to take stock.

Here are a few ideas to help you make the most of your business as we move into 2020.

New Year’s Resolutions for Affiliate Partnership Program Members

Assess and revise your business goals

It doesn’t matter if you’re working with affiliate programs as a side hustle or an active career, if you want to drive your business forward you need to have some goals. A lot of people start out working with affiliate networks in a ‘suck it and see‘ kind of way. And that’s fine. But if you don’t know where you’re going, how will you ever know when you get there? So, create some targets for yourself. That way you’ll know if what you’re doing works. And, just as importantly, if it doesn’t. And if you already have business goals, go back through them. See where you are. If you’ve achieved them, add more. If you haven’t, work out why. And grow from there.

Update your knowledge of the affiliate programs you’re working with

The thing with the affiliate industry is that, as with all online endeavors, things change regularly. Tech changes. Procedures, strategies and trends change. And – this is especially relevant – offers change. So, take a little time to refamiliarize yourself with your affiliate programs. Make sure you know all the pay per sale and pay per sign up offers. And structure your upcoming marketing campaigns around them.

Focus on content

It’s become the mantra of almost everyone who works online – content is King. So, spend some time working out which types of content are suited to your affiliate program’s offerings. Research your audience. Get to know your niche. And then calendar your content according to the seasons. When you have a plan, content creation becomes much easier. 

Use your data

It’s all too easy to launch an affiliate program campaign and let it run its course. But the only way that you will ever know that you’ve maximized its potential is to test and monitor your results. Otherwise, you’re just spitting in the wind and hoping that it hits something.

Hone your targeting

Targeting your campaigns isn’t just about getting the right content for the different sectors of your audience. But about getting the right content, media and timing for the platforms your audience use. iPhone users have been shown to have different behavior patterns to Android users. Laptop and desktop users are different again. Learning how to properly target your campaigns can make a significant difference to your conversion rates.

Build – or use – your subscriber list

A couple of years ago email marketing was considered dead. But if used wisely it has enormous potential. If you have a subscriber list and are not using it or maintaining it, you are missing out on a very receptive – and possibly lucrative – revenue source.

Consider attending industry events

OK, so networking isn’t for everyone. And you might not feel like you need to do it. But affiliate marketing conferences and events can be a great way to gain insider knowledge, make new contacts and learn new strategies.

Every business can always be better. And a few small changes can make an enormous difference. Rather than trying to give up chocolate or spend time at the gym for 2020, why not make your New Year’s resolution to make your business better? You never know where a little effort might take you.