Back to Basics: How Do I Join a Dating Affiliate Network?

If you have a presence online, whether through a blog or social media, the chances are that you’ll have heard of affiliate marketing. It’s one of the leading ways to monetize online activity, offering flexibility, versatility, and if managed well, eventually leading to a passive income. And among all the internet marketing affiliate programs available, the dating affiliate network has the potential to be the most lucrative. It’s an evergreen niche with a continually renewing audience. As every generation comes of age, they begin looking for love, and the internet has become an integral part of that, across all demographics. Young, middle-aged, later life, heterosexual, LGBTQ+, short-term, long-term, local, or overseas. Every market is now catered for online. And almost every niche has its own associated dating affiliate network.

But if you’re new to the marketing field, how do you join a dating affiliate network?

Everything You Need to know About Joining a Dating Affiliate Network

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is basically a tactic employed by businesses to get their products or services seen by the right audience. Working on a number of different program plans – pay per sale, pay per click, pay per sign up – advertisers pay individuals to promote their goods. The better results you get, the more money you stand to make.

How do I find the best affiliate program?

Your choice of affiliate program will depend on a number of factors:

  • Your blog/social media channel subject – If you’re already working online, you need to find affiliate networks relevant to your audience. So, if you usually write about makeup, there’s not much point signing up to promote dog grooming products. Whereas if you usually focus upon lifestyle issues, a dating affiliate network might be a good fit.
  • Your interests If there is one thing that we’ve learnt in all our years working with affiliates, it’s that you can tell when someone is genuinely interested. If you are not interested in financial products, you’ll never be able to sell them. It will also be really boring for you – and that’s an important consideration when you’re spending your days thinking up ways to promote them.
  • The platform you use. If you’re working on a blog and you need to be aware of page speed, then you don’t want to go for image-heavy niche areas, like decor or clothing. These are more suited to social media. While health, finance and dating offers have a bit more flexibility. They don’t require a huge amount of detailed imagery, so you can promote them almost anywhere.

How can I join a dating affiliate network?

Once you’ve decided that dating is your primary niche, research the various dating affiliate networks to find one that fits within your sub-niche. So, your targeted gender, locality, orientation etc.. From there, you need to decide upon the program type that seems most likely to work for you – pay per sale, order, or lead. Then you just need to sign up.

Many dating affiliate networks will have a vetting procedure. It’s obviously their reputation at stake, so they have to be sure that you’re not going to be using inappropriate tactics. Then, once you’ve been accepted onto the program, you’ll be provided with the tools you need to get started.

And that’s really all there is to it.

Once you’ve joined a dating affiliate network, it’s your job to create content and get your dating offers seen. And once the public start clicking on your links, that’s when you’ll start seeing the money trickle in. It’s not an instant process. Realistically, you won’t get rich overnight. And you’ll learn how to increase your earnings as you go along. But once you’ve started, you’re immediately heading in the right direction.

So, what are you waiting for? Join our dating affiliate network today!