How to Use User-Generated Content for Your Dating Offers

When you’re working with an affiliate partnership program to promote dating offers, it pays to be aware of all the different marketing strategies available to you. Especially the free ones! And user-generated content is one of the simplest and most beneficial strategies around right now. So, What do you need to know?

Using User-Generated Content to Promote Your Dating Offers

What is user-generated content?

As the name implies, user-generated content is contented created by your blog/website users. For service providers – shops, restaurants, plumbers – this might come in the form of reviews. When you’re promoting the products of an affiliate program, you have the option to do the same. You can invite conversation – and there’s no better way to do this than by engaging with your audience. You can also ask your readers to share their stories – and when it comes to dating there are plenty of stories to be had!

Why does user-generated content work?

The key to the success of user-generated content is trust. While you might have a great relationship with your core followers, new readers are less willing to take your word as gospel. Seeing other people reinforcing your views and advocating your dating offers, adds validity and authenticity to your words.

Where can you use user-generated content?

You can feature user-generated content almost anywhere that you have a presence. All social media sites are already set up for this, with comments boxes. But you can enable comments on most blogs too. Forums can be a great place to encourage user-interaction. And, as previously mentioned, you can invite your readers to create posts for your website, discussing their experiences of the dating products you’re promoting.

How can you get user-generated content?

A lot of people offer incentives in return for user-generated content. Money is the obvious route. But you don’t necessarily need to break out the big bucks to get people talking about your dating offers. Professional bloggers are often happy to share their views for their name on a post and a link to their site. Competitions can help: ‘Share your views for a chance to win X, Y or Z.’ Whether you’re offering a shopping voucher, a beauty hamper, or a month’s free subscription to the site promoted by your online dating affiliate. Prizes always encourage participation. But straightforward user engagement also works. Chat to your readers. If they say something that sounds good, ask if you can use it, with a credit.

How can you use user-generated content?

The first thing to remember is to ask permission before reposting other people’s comments. Regardless of where they’ve made them, if you repurpose someone else’s words without permission, you can be open to negative backlash. It’s also the polite thing to do. If you’re using user-generated content to attract dating traffic, you also need to place it appropriately. For visual content, opt for Instagram. Text, your best bets are Facebook and Twitter. While video commentary can always find a home on TikTok, YouTube, or Facebook. Don’t forget to credit the creator. And remember to link the content to your dating offers.

Track your results

You might use user-generated content as a simple filler. Can’t think of something interesting to post? Whack up a customer review. Job done. But actually, the most successful application of user-generated content is that deployed and monitored like any other marketing campaign. So, use an analytics program to determine how each type of content works for you. Shape it into more formal pieces. And see if it’s more effective that way. Incorporate it into the different aspects of your marketing. And use it on your different channels. The more information you can gather about the response to your user-generated content, the better you’ll be able to use it.

The value of user-generated content comes through brand awareness, brand engagement, and brand advocacy. But it carries one more important benefit: It supports you. And when your words and opinions are verified, it helps you to become a voice of trust. And trust is always valuable when you’re promoting dating offers.