Using Brand to Brand Partnerships to Support Affiliate Program Work

Working with an affiliate program can feel pretty lonely. Most bloggers work independently. It’s usually much more profitable that way. But just because you’re a one-person-band, it doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from working with other people. And brand to brand partnerships can be really advantageous for anyone working with affiliate programs.

How Can Brand to Brand Partnerships Support Affiliate Program Work?

A brief overview of affiliate marketing

If you already work with an affiliate program, you’ll probably already know this. But for the uninitiated, we’ll start with the basics.

The role of an affiliate partnership program is to use external parties to promote a brand’s goods or services. The third parties – usually bloggers or social media influencers – must work in an appropriate niche. And they must use appropriate channels. So, if you’re a single lifestyle blogger, you may find yourself to be a good match for dating affiliate programs. But it is integral that you work on the platforms used by the brand’s intended audience. So, if you’re promoting dating offers for the over 50s, Facebook would be the best platform for you. While, if you’re aiming at a younger demographic, you might be better off using TikTok.

When an affiliate network’s members complete an agreed action – make a referral, generate a lead that produces a sale or sign-up – they receive a fee. Cumulatively, this can lead to a viable, independent income.  

What is a brand to brand partnership?

A brand to brand partnership is when two (or more) brands form an alliance in order to increase their market reach. Collaborations usually happen between brands that appeal to a similar demographic, but are not direct competitors. So, for example, a dating site with a young audience may partner with a make-up brand. As long as they share the same values and a core set of KPIs, this can be beneficial for all parties. Enhancing audience reach, growth, reputation, and credibility.

How do brand to brand partnerships work?

Brand partnerships can take a variety of forms. But in most cases, the various parties agree to promote and sponsor each other’s products or services. They may also embark on the co-creation of content.

How can brand to brand partnerships help affiliate program work?

At this point, you’re probably wondering, ‘what has all this got to do with me?’ Well, brand to brand partnerships aren’t just the remit of big business. They can work for affiliate program members too. You’ve probably already realised that there are a LOT of bloggers out there. But what many people don’t realise is that there’s a really great blogging community. So, while there is competition, it’s possible to find almost endless partners to work with. Which can directly impact your pay per sale earning potential. Because if you can find a couple of strong brand partners, you can significantly extend your reach at the same time as enhancing your credibility.

Creating brand to brand partnerships can feel like a lot of unnecessary extra work. After all, you’re busy enough promoting your own affiliate products. But by working with others, you’re increasing the visibility of your blog or website. You’re getting yourself seen. And, consequently, increasing both your audience and your potential for making referrals to any affiliate program you are working with. And doing the same for your partners. Creating a win-win situation.