Five Hacks for Getting the Best Results from Affiliate Programs

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Last year, Forbes listed working with affiliate programs as the second best way of making money online. Millions of people are doing it. And many of them have made it their central career. There are so many potential opportunities to find success. But you need to know how to make it work for you. So, once you’ve got yourself started, try these five hacks to help your business grow.

Five Hacks to Help You Find Success Through Affiliate Programs

Build the right backlinks

A lot of people are frightened of backlinks. A couple of years back Google went on the rampage. Companies that appeared to be buying backlinks faced having their sites blacklisted and blocked. But that’s because they were doing it wrong. Peppering backlinks across the internet indiscriminately is totally ineffective. And a great way to get yourself banned. But building backlinks the right way works. Start with finding appropriate sites to link with. Create stellar content around your affiliate programs that those sites will want to be associated with. Contact the site holders and explain why they might be interested in linking with you. Don’t buy the link space or offer to swap them – Google doesn’t like that. But by creating content of value and explaining its merits, you’re well on the way to success.

Email marketing

With GDPR and other data protection programs being enforced, email marketing has fallen out of favor. But do it properly, and it can be an incredibly useful tool. It allows you to talk directly to people who have already registered an interest in what you have to say. You can personalize your messages. And select which promotions from your affiliate partnership program to send to each group. It also helps you to build trust and relationships, inspiring interaction.

Use images with your affiliate programs

Humans are programed to respond to pictures before they think about reading words. If you’re trying to drive traffic towards your affiliate program’s links, strong imagery can really help. Spend time to find – or, even better, create – the perfect image for every marketing opportunity. Not just on paid-for ads, but to go with every social media post. If you also use striking images throughout your blog or website people are more likely to stop and look. And that means more opportunities for you to make money from your pay per sale links.

Use ‘power words’

Power words are the successful copywriter’s secret weapon. They’re words that people can’t help but respond to. And although there are some fairly universal power words – Win! Sale! Save! Success! – every demographic has their own that you can use to your advantage. If you’re working with dating offers, for example, your power words will include: love, romance, passion, forever. But that’s just the start. You can easily find a full range of words to power your affiliate program performance.

Be genuine and tell the truth

Would you buy something from someone you didn’t trust? Would you follow their advice? If you change your opinion with every post, contradict yourself or tell conflicting stories, no one will ever trust you. And if you want to make a decent income from your affiliate work, trust is essential. This is so obvious, and yet many people overlook it. Be truthful. Be genuine. And your followers will come.

Finding success and making money through working with affiliate programs isn’t hard. But it is easy to fail if you don’t take care to do things properly. These five hacks won’t solve all of your business problems. But they should help you to increase your clickthrough rate, grow your business and start increasing your income.