The Best Free Tools for Working with Affiliate Networks

affiliate networks

For most people, one of the biggest draws of working with affiliate networks is that you can start earning online without first investing serious money. If you already have a functioning website or blog, you’re pretty much good to go. But that’s not to say that you can get by without any investment at all.…

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How to Find Low Competition Keyword Phrases for Pay Per Sale Dating Promotions

We’ve talked before about the importance of SEO when working online. But one of the things that most people struggle with is competition. Unless you’re working in an incredibly niche market, you will have competition. And you can be pretty sure that with any pay per sale affiliate program, your competition will be high. That…

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How to Use Keywords to Grow Dating Traffic

Working with an online dating affiliate program can be a great way to either monetise an existing website, or begin a new business venture. But there’s one problem that everyone faces: SEO. Dating is a great niche to work in because so many people are looking to find love. But, that also means that there’s…

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How to Use Video Marketing for an Affiliate Program

video marketing for affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing is a financially rewarding online venture that involves promoting other companies’ products and services for a commission. When someone buys the advertised product — or otherwise performs a specified action — the affiliate earns a commission. If you’re interested in making money with affiliate marketing, however, you’ll need to know how to drive…

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How to Use SEO for Affiliate Marketing

using seo for affiliate marketing

Using SEO to Take Your Affiliate Marketing Website to the Next Level Affiliate marketing, an arrangement where an online retailer pays a commission to a third-party website for traffic or sales generated by its referrals, can be a great way to make extra income for those who understand search engine optimization (SEO) or are willing…

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