How to use Teaser Marketing to Build Your Dating Traffic

If you’re working with a dating affiliate network, it won’t have taken you long to realise that getting your potential customer’s attention is key to success. You will never make money from a pay per signup dating site if you can’t get anyone to actually sign up. What you need is dating traffic. But finding it is not always as easy as you might think. You could be struggling with social media. You may have found some success with native ads only for them to soon fall flat. What’s next? How can you keep your momentum going? How about being a bit of a tease?

What is Teaser Marketing?

A teaser marketing campaign hooks people’s attention by revealing just a little bit at a time. The best analogy is probably an old-fashioned burlesque show. The pleasure of the show is not what the dancers actually reveal, but what they hint at as they go. Each move captivates the attention because your thoughts are immediately drawn to what might come next. It’s this sense of anticipation that powers a really strong teaser marketing campaign.

You see this tactic used all the time in the promotion of new movies and television shows. So, why not use it to promote your dating offers?

How to Use Teaser Marketing for Dating Traffic

  1. Create Mystery. The easiest way to create a buzz around what you’re doing is to pique your audience’s curiosity. While cutting to the chase and shouting about your amazing products/offers has its merits, it leaves no room for drawing the idly curious in. Although you don’t want to be so abstruse as to seem nonsensical, playing with a little bit of obscurity and making people feel as if they’re having to work for the information they’re finding, gives that information value. And the best way to ensure dating traffic is to give your links value.
  2. Don’t Show Too Much Too Soon. You never see a film trailer which gives away the ending. You never read a book jacket that tells you ‘whodunnit’… You never see a burlesque dancer throw away her fathers and step on to the stage stark naked. The whole point of a teaser campaign is to drip-feed information so that people become more hooked. Showing your hand too soon will lose half your audience.
  3. Be Interactive. The internet is a wonderful place, full of endless tools, so why not use them? If you can encourage people to interact with you in a fun way to begin with, they will be far more likely to take your advice and click on your affiliate network’s links when they reach them. So, think about creating a quiz or a questionnaire around your campaign. Create a sign-up form, so that they have the chance to ‘be the first’ to find out the new promotion when it’s revealed. Get them to submit pictures around your theme. If you’re clever enough, create a game around your messages. Do anything you can to feed into the excitement at each stage of the teaser reveal.
  4. Give It Value. Finally, make your followers feel like they’re being rewarded for their efforts. If someone has followed you on this teaser journey, there’s a good chance that they’ll stick with you and become a loyal ambassador – if you make it worth their while. So, make sure that what your offering feels special. If they don’t want to take you up on this current promotion, then make it clear that there will be something else – just for them – very soon. And then deliver on it.

Teaser marketing won’t solve all your dating traffic problems. But, if used correctly, it can be a really useful tool in your marketing kit. And the more tools you have at your disposal, the better your chances of getting results.