Using Social Media to Promote Dating Offers? Here’s Why It Might Not be Working

If you’re working with an online dating affiliate to try and grow your income, the chances are that you’ve tried placing ads on Facebook and other social media channels. When marketing dating offers, social media can be a really great avenue for finding leads. But, it’s not always as easy as you think. You might have an amazing promotion from your affiliate program, and what you think is a good idea for a strong campaign. Sometimes though, it just doesn’t work out. This is where you might be going wrong.

Four Reasons Why Your Dating Offers Might Not be Getting Any Interest on Social Media

1. People aren’t reading your posts

This is an obvious one, right? But there are various reasons why people might not be reading your posts. It might be that the copy is too wordy. Your imagery might be wrong. Or it might look too slick, meaning that people automatically assume that you’re selling something. Social media is full of ads these days. When was the last time that you stopped and looked at one? Most of us just filter them out. If you want people to read what you have to say, you have to look genuine and appealing and write like a regular person posting their daily update.

2.  People don’t trust you

If you want people to act on your advice, you first need them to trust you. If you’ve already lost people’s trust it can be hard to regain, so try to work on this from the beginning. How do you do that? A) Tell the truth. Dishonesty reaps its own rewards, and ultimately leads to failure. If you’re deliberately misleading people, it won’t take them long to find out. B) Be authentic. If you’ve never tried online dating, how can you possibly know that your dating offers are of any value? How can you give advice if you don’t know how the system works? If you’re claiming to have found the love of your life online, but you’re 100% single and always have been, people will see through you. Try writing from experience – start your own dating journey and plotting your success and failures – and people will see that you’re genuine and trust you.

3. You’re being annoying

It’s often said that any reaction is better than no reaction. It’s the principle that all toddlers work on. But it’s simply not true. To start with, if you’re annoying, no one will trust you. Therefore, no one will even think about following your links. Secondly, if you’re really annoying people will block or report you. Thirdly, if people consistently respond to your posts with thumbs down, angry faces, or negative comments, most platforms have algorithms that will pick it up. What this means for you is that even if you’re paying for a post, it will be shown less frequently. If your posts aren’t seen, you will never generate any dating traffic.

4. You’re boring/unoriginal

The mutual blessing and the curse of social media is that there is such a lot of scope for people to see things. Look at your Facebook and Twitter streams in particular. In the last week you’ve probably seen posts from around the world. This means that originality is an absolute must. If everything you post is a rehash of something that’s already been done hundreds of times before by every marketer with dating offers to promote, then there is absolutely no incentive for people to look.

Social media can play a really important part of any online dating affiliate marketing strategy. It can be an excellent platform for promoting dating offers, or simply building a following. But you need to use it well. Hopefully, this guide will help.